Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Tony Stewart verbally bitch slaps reporter

Tony StewartAfter the very dull Bristol race (random "new track surface causes sucky race" url) Tony Stewart had a hissy fit with one of the reporters that asked him what he thought about the race:
Smoke: I couldn't give it a better grade than an A+. I mean, it was awesome, it was fun to drive on tonight. It was the most fun I've had racing at Bristol in the whole time I've ever been here.

Reporter: What was it just easier to race? Was it more wide open?

Smoke: Did you watch the race tonight? (long pause, gives him a "are you some kind of fucking idiot" look) Well, what did you think was different about it that you didn't see in the past?

Reporter: Not as many wrecks...

Smoke: OK. Is that all?

Reporter: It was faster?

Smoke: Uh, no. You could move around and run more than one line. You might want to watch more races and watch how these things play out.

Now, coming from a big Tony Stewart fan (that's me), I always cringe when Tony opens his mouth and something like this comes out! I'm not sure if the comment was related to his recent hissy fits with ESPN, but at least it made the race more interesting.

If I find the video I'll post it (not that anyone cares).

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