Saturday, September 15, 2007

DIY Boogers

DIY Boogers

Brian covered in drywall dust.I've had a lot of different colored DIY boogers in my lifetime: black, green, brown- mostly from either spraying painting or cutting wood. Today I experienced a whole new booger color: white! If you guessed drywall dust you are correct ("tell them what they've won Johnny...").

I'm finally getting close to finishing the drywall and I have started sanding joints this week. The drywall dust sucks and it manages to get everywhere. To tell you the truth I don't really care for two reasons:

  1. Courtney does most of the cleaning.

  2. This means I am almost done with drywall!

I thought I hated painting, mostly because you can't get it perfect- it's not even remotely possible. Well, I had not experienced drywall yet. Experience is really the only valuable tool (I have none) and you still won't get it perfect. I feel like I have been doing drywall forever but in actuality it has only been two months. I guess that is not too bad considering the basement remodel has consumed 6 months (so far). At this point I have already completed the following:

  • Moved the main HVAC trunks from one side of the basement to the other. This is a story in and of itself.

  • Moved the main water line from one side of the basement to the other (also new lines for the wet bar).

  • Moved all of the existing electrical and cable lines above the I-beams (including the ground for the house).

  • Framed the walls- including a in-wall 120 gallon fish tank (used screws and drywall adhesive in preparation for ridiculous home theater bass).

  • Knocked out a section of existing wall (by adding a beam) to open up the basement more.

  • Wired 15 receptacles spanning 3 breakers and GFCI's.

  • Wired and installed 13 recessed can lights spanning two zones/dimmers.

  • Wired for a ceiling HD projector (power, vga, component and hdmi cables).

  • In-wall speaker wire installation along with built-in recessed surround-sound speaker cubby-holes.

  • Hung 37 panels of drywall (that's 2000 lbs.) and applied over 300 lbs. of joint compound.

I can't wait to get done with the drywall so I can start a step that takes less than 2 months!

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