Monday, September 3, 2007

Labor Day Weekend

Friday Night

Frank and Lynn came over for some scrumptious seared tuna steaks. We had a good time out on the deck and eventually Mike (my neighbor) and his wife's friend came over too. Later in the night, once Frank and Lynn had gone home, Mike's drunken comrade went Hannibal Lector on our bathroom. :( Somehow she managed to:

  1. Dent\crack one of our picture frames.

  2. Dent\discolor the rim of our toilet.

  3. Scratch the shit out of our wall ... she even managed to take some chunks of paint out (clear down to the drywall).

Now, I don't know what the hell she was doing, but the bitch isn't invited back to our house. After I fix everything else we're gonna have to paint the wall again ... stupid drunk people!
Seared Tuna Steaks
Hannibal Lector

First thing I had to do was replace an upper control arm on my Jeep. This was not much of a surprise because I had damaged the rubber boot when I installed my lift (yes, I felt like a dumbass). Everything went smoothly and I was up and running in about two hours.

Later in the night we went over to Dusty and Niki's house (our neighbors). We had some drinks, devastated a bunch of snack food, and mounted an attack on Mike's house (in response to the drunken rape of my bathroom by his house guest). Dusty had an old grill I was supposed to help him throw away and we decided to drag it over to Mike's house at 1:30 AM and leave it on the front door. The next morning I imagine Mike wasn't too amused as he left it on the sidewalk between our two houses. Dusty and I finally took it to a large dumpster and thanked it for all the good food before we tossed it in.
Jeep Upper Control Arm
Our midnight assualt on Mike’s house.

After helping Dusty dispose of his old grill I went to work down in the basement (mudding drywall). While I was doing that Courtney gave Poopers a bath and began preparing for our dinner guests of Justin and Diane. Courtney made pork ribs, twice-baked potatoes, cucumber salad and cherry cobbler pie (all homemade- yum). The food was great but I'm afraid our company wasn't that great ... I spent most of the night staring at the Nascar race on the TV. I guess I shouldn't invite people over during Nascar races unless I don't want them to come back! Hopefully Justin and Diane will give us another shot sometime soon.
Jaik getting a bath.
Yummy ribs!

Monday was much slower (thankfully). I worked on the basement, the bathroom, and took a big nap. Courtney made Mexican stuffed green peppers and we finished out the night watching TV. Sometimes less is more ... less being no crazy bathroom-raping drunk chick.
Mexican-stuffed green peppers


  1. Didn't whatsherface say that she was a teacher? That woman is apparently a shaper of young minds... lovely.

    Thanks to both of you for a terrific dinner. And, uh... sorry (*cough, cough*) for leaving before the fun apparently really started.

  2. Yeah, she is a teacher ... maybe that is why she drinks!

    I'm sorry that they showed up and you guys left too, we were having a better time before the bathroom rape (trust me). :(