Friday, November 16, 2007

Jury Duty

Jury DutySon of a bitch, I just got summoned for jury duty. Sad

Last time I was summoned I actually had to serve as a juror. The prosecuting attorney told me that defending attorney picked me because I was a young male (apparently we are quicker to justify or dismiss acts of violence).

The case revolved around some asshat that broke into his ex-wifes house and beat her with a claw hammer. The case was open and shut except for the fact that we had a fucking retard on the jury panel. One of the charges the shitheal was up for was aggravated burglary (because he had taken something from the house). The "aggravated" part implies that you are breaking into someone's house while they are there. Anyways, this retard juror didn't think that the women-beater should be up for aggravated burglary because he used to live there. If you are wondering how that makes any sense you are not alone. The rest of us normal juror folk spent 4 hours trying to convince rhee-rhee that if the dirtbag was:

  1. In the house while she was there AND,

  2. took something

it was most certainly aggravated burglary. He ended up beating us into submission and we convicted the fuckwad for non-aggravated burglary (among other things).

Oh well, that is my juror story!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Our Weekend (Liberty WWI Memorial and Basement Remodel)

Ukulele and Karate don’t make much sense together.This weekend we went to the Liberty Memorial to see my father-in-law to perform as part of a ukulele tribute to songs of the WWI era. Considering my basement obsession and the thought of an all-ukulele band, I was pretty annoyed about having to go. I have to admit though that it was really enjoyable! I bought a tripod and taped the entire performance as a favor to Courtney' s dad (I guess he is my dad too now). After the show a big wig that runs the memorial came up and asked me for a copy of the show (due to the fact that their equipment had failed or something). I felt pretty special and told him I would do it. He told me he would pay for whatever it cost ... maybe I should send him a big bill for editing and film transfer?!

img_1183.JPGIn terms of the basement remodel, Courtney and I have got quite a bit done over the past two weeks:

  • The wet bar and cabinets are installed.

  • Courtney has finished painting (this was quite a lot of work). All of the receptacle covers and vents are now installed.

  • All of the chair rail is painted and I should be finished installing it this week.

img_1181.JPGI also finished installing the trim around the speaker cubby holes. I'd always wanted to try black stain so we went to Lowes and had some specially made (it was called Onyx). I have to admit it looks pretty cool since stain does not hide the grain as much as paint does. I think I will make the picture frame around the fish tank this week and stain it the same.

Other random thoughts:

  • Chiefs game sucked this weekend.

  • Nascar sucked this weekend (Jimmy Johnson is a sponsor whore and a D-bag).

  • Still working on posting what we did on our honeymoon.