Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Basement Basement Basement

I'm really close to finishing the basement. It's about God Damn time too ... I'm pretty fed up with this project. The end result will be excellent, but I'm tired of waiting .... AGGHGHHHH!

Last night I painted the door. Slow drying latex paint and a house full of hairy beasts (sorry Courtney) don't mix well. More than once I had to extract some hair that had landed on the door.

Once I paint and install the crown moulding all I have to worry about is floor trim and carpet (not doing the carpet). I'm so damn close! Little worried about the crown moulding though ... some weird shit I have to deal with.


  1. Brian, buck up and get it done. This project has dragged on too long.

  2. Bulky Stool, I share your sentiment.