Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Woofers and Carpet

Apart from an honorable mention of me staying up until 6 AM on Saturday, the two big things that happened this weekend were:

  1. The Basement finally got carpet!

  2. I finished building my new subs!

Basement Carpet Goes InThe basement carpet looks great and it finally allowed me to setup the theater chairs. Man I love those things. It's kind of hard to explain, but your body is always in the perfect position to view the screen, no matter how far back you are reclined (I think it is black magic). After something like 10 months of working in the basement I can't tell you how good it will feel to finally enjoy the fruits of my labor.

SubwooferThanks to me not having to work on Monday (that's another story) I was also able to finish both subs in time for a new carpet celebration movie that night. When I first set them up I could tell that Courtney wasn't too impressed. I explained that I need to tweak them considerably, and that they would loosen up over the next few weeks- I was really hoping I wasn't full of shit! That all changed about 20 minutes into the movie. There was a gun fight and we could actually feel the individual shock waves move through us ... we just looked at each other and laughed. I can't wait to play with them some more.

Peace out!


  1. I hate loud noises. Wait... I HATED loud noises until I heard these things! They sound amazing - excellent work, sir!

  2. How come you didn't get Bose? They're teh epix!