Thursday, February 7, 2008

HBO Cancels Inside The NFL

Inside The NFLLast night I was eagerly anticipating Inside The NFL when I was kicked in the balls by HBO. I love the NFL Films style- how they use dramatic music, slow motion of people barely moving, and that voice-over guy they have alway used (you know the guy- he must be 100 by now). Anyways, I almost fell out of my chair when Bob Costas announced this was the last episode ... ever! Fuck Shit! That show has been running for 31 years now, how could they do that? I'm not big on the new breed of ESPN/Crossfire style shows- Inside The NFL is the only way I get my fix every week.

I'm seriously pissed about this but I don't know what to do. :(

Super Bowl!Other than the nut shot by HBO, Courtney and I had some friends over for the Super Bowl.. It was nice to show off the home theater and my new subs. I'm sure everyone thinks I'm fucking retarded for building two, but I love it!

I started primering the sub boxes yesterday, but the extreme cold is fucking me. I can barely keep the garage temp above 50 (with two space heaters) and the boxes are taking forever to dry. I'm tired of the cold this winter and I wish it would go away (for at least a year anyways).


  1. I hate the cold, too... it was -15 windchill in Pittsburgh on Monday. When is spring going to get here?

  2. Oh, and that really sucks about Inside the NFL. I don't like the new style of show, either. Too much going on. Just gimmie the news about the NFL and be done with it... assholes.