Monday, February 25, 2008

Sony Still Sucks

Sony Still SucksWell, it didn't take long for Courtney and I to become Sony's bitches. :(

After buying a HD-DVD player last year, and spending a considerable amount of time telling everyone that HD-DVD was better, we ordered a Blu-ray player this weekend. We didn't have much of a choice anymore- considering Toshiba's recent defeat and the fact that we are whores for HD movies (on the little big screen). On top of that, we didn't just get some player that would provide Sony with endless Blu-ray licensing fees, we bought a Playstation 3- so they can profit from games too. I did a ton of research and it just seemed silly to buy any other BD player. I'm sure the feelings of being a sheep and a whore will subside with time.

Yamaha RX-V663I also finally ordered a new receiver for downstairs, the Yamaha RX-V663. My old receiver didn't support HDMI or any of the new lossless audio formats. I also wanted something with dual zones for upstairs (for the deck) and the old Onkyo does have that feature. This new guy is loaded with options and I got an incredible deal over at (it was a pre-order phone-in-only offer: $400 shipped). They've already pulled the offer (they got too many takers I presume) ... I hope I don't have to wait forever.

Tony buying my bike turned out to be a very good thing for my home theater! I think I'm finally done too (in theory). :)

Other stuff:

  • I spent something like four hours last week equalizing my newly finished subs (along with adjusting phase, gains, crossovers, you name it). It sounds fucking phenomenal!

  • Nascar was a total snore on Sunday ... countless rain delays and an eventual postponement.

  • Finished the staining/polyurethane on my the stair railing ... going up tonight hopefully.

  • The Academy Awards weren't that good this year (with the two notable exceptions of No County winning and Jon Stewart).

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