Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Happy Birthday to Brian!Last weekend I got to eat a pretty cool restaurant called Vivace (down in the River Market). For starters, the place has an "ice bar" that runs half the length of the bar (it's refrigerated and has a coating of ice on it- damn cool if you ask me). Courtney's parents invited us there because a friend was performing and, unbeknownst to me, with the intention of celebrating my birthday from earlier this month. We started with a couple of Martinis and eventually moved to dinner and wine. I ordered the scallops wrapped in pancetta (Italian bacon) and it was easily the best scallops I have ever had. Halfway through the night their friend Cynthia pulled me on stage and sang a song to me for my Birthday. Talk about awkwarrrrrd! There should be a class about what to do when 30 people stare at you while you are serenaded. In closing, it was a great time.

I also decided recently, because I am crazy, that I need 6.2 instead of 5.2 in reference to my home theater setup. This meant two things:

  1. I had to beg Courtney to spend more money on electronics.

  2. I had to chop up my recently finished basement.

Thankfully, step one was easier than step two. I got the stuff earlier this week and finished the project yesterday. I had to run more wire, add a new set of terminals on the wall, build and paint a box, and cut a big hole in my freshly painted wall. There were a few pain-in-the-ass moments but it wasn't too bad. The rear effects sound much better now. :)


  • Stewart and Dill are getting along nicely now. Stewart still runs under the bed half the time you enter the room though (I'm sure he'll get better).

  • I have Thursday and Friday off ... go me! Hopefully I'll have the time to start the entertainment console for downstairs.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

New York & Vegas

I'm pretty excited about two upcoming trips that Courtney and I will be taking!

New YorkThe first trip is New York in June. We know "a local" since Courtney's brother lives up there. We're talking free rent and someone who knows where all the cool shit is! We've been up once before, but this time it's without parents. We basically plan on doing cool shit at cool restaurants and clubs. We are also going to Yankees stadium to watch the Yanks play our Kansas City Royals. I can't wait to show up in powder blue and stand out like a sore thumb.

Vegas Baby, Vegas!As of today we are also going to Vegas in August. I have never been there so I'm pretty pumped. The whole idea came about during a drunken conversation with our neighbors Nusty & Diki (that's what I call them anyways). I think we are sharing a room to save money- sounds like a recipe for group sex if you ask me. Oh well, I guess what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

Stewart (our new cat)We got another cat recently. His name is Stewart and he is a one year-old shelter kitty. He was pretty shy at first but he's starting to come out of his shell. One great thing about him: when you pick him up he just goes lifeless (which makes him a great snuggle-cat). Last night I caught him and Dill chasing each other (looked like play time to me). I hope they end up liking each other more than Kitty and Dill. Kitty hated Dill so much you were lucky to get them in the same room.

Random shit:

  • Got my new receiver ... you need a college degree to navigate the menus and understand it. In short, it makes my wee wee hard.
    Courtney just called me- I have Nine Inch Nails concert Blu-ray that just arrived. I can't wait to get home and hear lossless NIN audio- whoo hoo!

  • I decided I needed surround back center channel on my home theater. Now I have to run more wire and chop up my perfectly finished basement. It will be worth it, oh yes it will. I think Courtney is going to divorce me if I buy anymore shit. :(

  • American Idol has me on a Beatles kick ... what a amazing group of songs.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

My Shitty-Ass Weekend.

Courtney and I had a horrible experience this weekend.

It all started on Saturday when we went to PetSmart to buy a fish or two. Some dogs were there from a no-kill animal shelter. One in particular caught our attention, he was a four year-old Chow/Shepard mix. He was very low-key and had a big smile on his face. We took him outside and he was very playful. When you pushed on his rear he would roll around and playfully growl (very reminiscent of my last dog). The one thing that was different than Jaik was that he was a physical powerhouse- he was very well-built and was capable of pulling you around if you let him. Ultimately, he reminded us so much of Jaik that we decided to adopt him.

We took him home and expected the typical Dill-has-a-hissy-fit-with-a-strange-dog experience. Dill is our male cat and he hates everyone but us. Sure enough, Dill hated him and the dog seemed to react the way any dog reacts to a cat that hisses- he wanted to chase him around. We ended up putting both of our cats on high ground and allowing them familiarize themselves with each other. The whole experience was very normal and what we expected.

Chris and Heather came over that night (something we had been trying to plan for months). We grilled outside and they seemed to like the dog as well. At one point Dill went outside and the dog immediately chased him. Dill reached high ground about 10 feet later and we all chuckled as the pair continued to stair at each other. Courtney and I both agreed that Dill was the issue and that the dog would be fine once the drama was over. A couple hours later Chris and Heather went home and we decided to go to bed.

We figured it would be best if we would lock the dog in the bedroom and let the cats have full roam of the house. I was laying on the bed with the dog and Courtney was still up and about. The dog jumped down and stuck his head under the bed, I presumed because a cat was still in the room. The next thing I know I hear Courtney screaming and I jump off the bed to see the dog's mouth clamped onto Kitty's head and neck. Everything that happened next was in slow mo.

I yelled the dog's name ... nothing happened. I struck the dog twice ... nothing happened. The dog clearly wasn't playing around and wasn't letting go. I didn't know what else to do so I worked my hands into the his mouth and began trying to pull his jaws apart. In what seemed like an eternity, but what was more likely 10-30 seconds, I pulled as hard as I could. Eventually the dog opened his mouth and went right back to being the calm dog we had experienced all day. I drug him into the shower stall and closed the door.

What I saw when I came back into the room is a scene I will never forget. Courtney was laying on the floor next to our mostly lifeless cat (her tongue was hanging out and she was breathing rapidly). There was blood all over our hands, the carpet, even the wall. Kitty was bleeding out of her mouth. Courtney was hysterical (understandably so) and cat hair was everywhere. I stood there for a moment in complete fucking shock. I kept thinking, "What the fuck just happened? How the fuck did this just happen?"

I got on the upstairs computer and began looking for 24-hour vets. I was so freaked out and after a couple of minutes I just couldn't find one (this should have been an easy task). I remembered that Dusty & Niki (good friends and neighbors) had recently dealt with taking their dog to a 24-hour vet, so I called their home phone. Now I can't imagine what it must have been like to be woken up at 3 AM with this story, but Niki was in front of our house a couple minutes later waiting to drive us to the vet.

We took Kitty to the vet and explained what had happened. They took a bunch of X-Rays, gave Kitty steroid shots, and then put her into an oxygen chamber. When they finally let us see her Kitty looked the same as when she had been hurt. She did recognize us however, and tried to meow (along with moving her front legs a little). It's one of the saddest things I have ever seen. She ended up dying a few hours later from brain swelling.

When we went home I took the dog outside and started cleaning up the carnage that was our bedroom. We returned the dog the next day and the shelter volunteers were very apologetic. They insisted on paying the vet fees ($360) and offered to let us adopt another cat or dog and no cost. We told them that adopting a new pet wasn't a high priority on our list and went home.

I don't know how to really close this story. Courtney and I feel very responsible. Kitty was only 5 years old and she died a horrible tragic death at the hands of a dog we brought home. I know you're not supposed to play the blame-game, but it's hard not to think we could/should have prevented what happened. I guess it could argued that the situation was inevitable though (both cats, neighbors dog, who knows). It also still freaks me out how quickly that dog went into kill-mode and then back out of it. I always felt sorry for old dogs at the shelter. Nevertheless, that's the last time that Courtney and I attempt to do something about it.