Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Happy Birthday to Brian!Last weekend I got to eat a pretty cool restaurant called Vivace (down in the River Market). For starters, the place has an "ice bar" that runs half the length of the bar (it's refrigerated and has a coating of ice on it- damn cool if you ask me). Courtney's parents invited us there because a friend was performing and, unbeknownst to me, with the intention of celebrating my birthday from earlier this month. We started with a couple of Martinis and eventually moved to dinner and wine. I ordered the scallops wrapped in pancetta (Italian bacon) and it was easily the best scallops I have ever had. Halfway through the night their friend Cynthia pulled me on stage and sang a song to me for my Birthday. Talk about awkwarrrrrd! There should be a class about what to do when 30 people stare at you while you are serenaded. In closing, it was a great time.

I also decided recently, because I am crazy, that I need 6.2 instead of 5.2 in reference to my home theater setup. This meant two things:

  1. I had to beg Courtney to spend more money on electronics.

  2. I had to chop up my recently finished basement.

Thankfully, step one was easier than step two. I got the stuff earlier this week and finished the project yesterday. I had to run more wire, add a new set of terminals on the wall, build and paint a box, and cut a big hole in my freshly painted wall. There were a few pain-in-the-ass moments but it wasn't too bad. The rear effects sound much better now. :)


  • Stewart and Dill are getting along nicely now. Stewart still runs under the bed half the time you enter the room though (I'm sure he'll get better).

  • I have Thursday and Friday off ... go me! Hopefully I'll have the time to start the entertainment console for downstairs.

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