Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Camping, Painting & Baby Fish

Hey 4 people that visit our blog! Let's see here .... what have we done lately ...

1. Camping

Last weekend we went camping, just the two of us (something we try to do at least once a year). This time we went to Smithville and the weather was friggin' incredible! Last Saturday was one of those rare days in Kansas/Missouri where there's nothing to bitch about concerning the weather ... it was just perfect! After setting up the tent and the shelter (I love our new tailgating canopy) we fiddled around for a little while (Courtney read, I searched for more firewood). Eventually we got hungry and turned our attention to foil-pack fajitas. I'll leave it to Courtney if she wants to talk about them in detail, but they were very goooood. Next we tried to play some ridiculous game called Mexican Train Dominoes (insert funny sex joke here). Finally, as it started to get dark, we started in on serious business- drinking and tending to a Camp Bacon-sized campfire!

Flash-forward three hours later ... we are drunk, Courtney is stuffing her face full of Famous Amos cookies (a camping staple), and the minivan-drivin' dumbass families that camped two spots away from us are surely regretting their decision. Let me digress for a moment to talk about these idiots. There were roughly 40 campsites for every camper- the place was absolutely dead. About an hour after we get fully setup two mini-vans drive by with something like 37 miniature bicycles hanging off the back. As they pulled into the nearby campsite Courtney and just looked at each other in disbelief! At that moment we decided that we were going to make zero effort to accommodate them that night. So in closing, we had a great time, ate some good food, drank lots of booze, and completely disrupted multiple dipshits from getting their beauty sleep. :)

You can see more pics in my gallery at

2. Painting

I fucking hate painting. Right now I am painting the low boy entertainment center I have been building for my basement theater. I'm on my zillionth coat of paint (at least I'm at the polyurethane stage) and I just want to get it over with. With the completion of this project the basement project will also be complete. At some point we want to add a tile backsplash to the mini-bar, but I refuse to count that as part of the basement project because I just want it over with. I'll post a pic of the entertainment center soon.

3. Fry Suprise

So I was cleaning my tank tonight and I saw something that surprised the hell out of me. Apparently, two of my African Chichlids did the hibbity jibbity and I have some baby fishies in my tank! I could only see three of them ... they are so tiny (we're talking width of a pencil). I need to read up and see if there is anything I can do to help them survive. I won't be surprised if the other males in the tank turn them into fish food though (I'll be pulling for them). At least this explains why my female chichlid has been a raging bitch lately.


  1. Awesome. It was a fucking nice day last Saturday but I was stuck at work. Glad someone I know got to enjoy it.

    Speaking of camping, I went out to the spot we used to hit when Tuttle Cove was being renovated and Brian, do you remember that big, apparently dead branch we tried to get down by hanging on it but couldn't? Well, it's down now.

    I seriously almost tried to figure out a way to fit it in my Integra just so we could burn it as firewood at our next campout.

    If I go out there again, I'll try to do it.

  2. I really loved that camping spot!