Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Courtney's first blog post ever!

Brian has been nagging me to post something on our blog, so here it is. My first post. I think most of my posting will probably have to do with cooking and the meals that I prepare, but I think that is perfectly okay. This is our blog, so nobody can tell me what I can or cannot write about.

I have decided to start writing on here not only because Brian has been begging me to write something, but because I have become obsessed with reading other people's blogs and I thought it should be my turn to give back. Most of the blogs I read are about food such as The Amateur Gourmet and Epicurious, but some others are my friends' blogs such as The Prewitt and Sit. Stay. Good blog, and humorous blogs like The Impulsive Buy (thanks Hogs) and LOL Cats (aka I can haz cheezburger). I use Google Reader to sort through them all, and I love it! If anyone has any other recommendations on good blogs to read, make a comment below.

So that was my first post. I am by no means and elegant writer, so everyone who reads this will have to get over it. I will write up another post when I get home reviewing the dinner I made last night. With two posts in two days Brian should be satisfied for a while. Go Royals!


  1. Yes, I am commenting on my own post, but I just had to say something. I was listening to 96.5 The Buzz and they were making fun of LOL cats and how it is pointless, but I happen to find it funny and cute. Maybe you have to have cats to find it humorous.

  2. Holy shit, Courtney posted something!

    Courtney is a fabulous cook and I have been on her forever to post some of the stuff she cooks... we'll see if she has what it takes to post on (visited by over 3 people a week)!

  3. Yay Courtney!

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOLcats. From a linguistic perspective, it's a fascinating phenomenon - there are actual rules and language structure applied, and if you do it wrong, people get pissed.

    OH! I finished The Pillars of the Earth last weekend - thank you so much for recommending it. I thought it was terrific - historical fiction is totally my thing. I'm going to read the follow-up when it comes out in paperback. By the way - I think the people at Borders think we're homeless or something, since we have been in there every night for the last two weeks - but hey - that was a thousand page book and I couldn't wait to read more.

  4. Lynn, I am glad you liked The Pillars of the Earth. I know you guys go to Borders to read all the time, but I have the hard back edition of The World Without End if you wanted to borrow it. I have not actually read it yet, and am not planning on reading it anytime soon.