Wednesday, May 28, 2008


OK, so I am waaay behind on this blogger thing. Let me attempt to catch up:

Taigan - Our New Puppy

As anyone that visits Camp Bacon already knows, we recently got a new puppy! His name is Taigan and he is an Australian Shepard (as far as we can tell). Taigan is not my favorite name, but changing it seems like an uncool trick to play on a five month old puppy. Maybe we can pull what we did to Jaik and give him a second name too ("Pooper" in Jaik's instance).

Taigan would be the spittin' image of Jaik if it wasn't for the affects of gravity on his ears and tail. I think Courtney found a mirror image of Jaik so I wouldn't dislike him (something I threatened to do). One unintended side affect of his appearance though is that he reminds us of Jaik at times, and that makes us sad. :(

So far, he is doing great and learning very fast! We regularly play fetch with him and he has learned sit, stay, lay-down and come. We have also been taking him to dog parks and he gets along famously with other dogs. This is something we are totally not accustomed to, considering Jaik hated other dogs. I'm sure I'll have more to say about this cute little fucker, as he is opening up more and more every day.

Stewart the Cat

Stewart, our relatively new cat, had been a total douchebag ever since we got him. If you walked within 10 feet of him he would run the opposite direction. The only time he even came close to us was at 4 A.M. I think he did it just to deprive me of sleep (I would stay up and play with him, trying to earn trust from the douchebag feline). We had pretty much decided that he was going to always be a total douchebag, and then we got our new puppy. Now, all of the sudden, he is a model cat! He doesn't run from us, never bothers me at night, and he sits on your lap during TV. Perhaps Folgers replaced my cat with another cat ... I dunno.

Baby Fish

Our baby African Cichlids are getting huge, well ... huge in relation to how tiny they used to be! We haven't lost a single one since I first noticed them (that puts us at 7). I'm sure there were hundreds at some time, but I never saw them. I still love to watch them, although puppy antics usually kills my zen moment. On a more annoying note, recently our tank has come under siege by snails. Unfortunately, those cute little baby fishies prevent me from dropping a big can of chemical whoopass. So, for now, I am reduced to removing the snails whenever I see them. When I changed my filters last week I found over a hundred infidels inside the filters ... um, gross.

Nathan and Naomi

Recently we got to finally meet Nathan's daughter Naomi. We went to Nathan's house for a Saturday lunch ... it was good! More importantly, Naomi was a very intelligent, well-mannered kid and Nathan is a great Dad! I can't wait to tell her some stories when she grows up. :)

Vacations and Concerts

I could go on and on about the exciting things we have planned for this year. Perhaps I'll just list them and talk about them more after they happen (I've mentioned a few already):

  1. New York- We are going to New York in 2 weeks! So far we have the following things planned: Times Square Walking Tour, Multi-Ethnic Eating Tour, Royals vs. Yankees, Belmont Stakes, Brooklyn Bridge Walking Tour, Central Park, Big Apple Barbeque, Dim Sum restaurant, Empire State Building, Top of the Rock, MoMA Museum, Gangs of New York Walking Tour, Brooklyn Bridge.

  2. Coldplay Concert at the Sprint Center- We're going with Frank and Lynn (the seats are good).

  3. Nine Inch Nails Concert in St. Louis - Really good seats (we almost got floor tickets but changed our minds at the last moment).

  4. Las Vegas- Vegas with the neighbors (sharing a hotel room). I hope I remember this trip.

  5. Taladega- This is tentative, but Courtney is working on a trip that will take us through Nashville and end up at the Taladega Nascar race!

Well Courtney, did I catch us up?

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