Tuesday, June 24, 2008

We did a lot over the past weekend.

It all started on Friday because I didn't have to work. We decided it would be fun to go to the Royals game since they were having "The Big Sky Show" (a fireworks show that was supposedly going to last 3 times longer than any previous show and be the biggest Kansas City has ever seen) and I had received an email about getting tickets at a discount. I bought tickets that ended up being pretty good- behind home plate in section 311 (in the upper section, but not too high) for $10.

Brian, Nathan, Tony, Krista (Tony's woman), and I all met up at Nate's house and drove out to the stadium to tailgate.

I bought freshly made bacon cheddar brats from Hy-Vee that were amazing.

After we ate and drank a few beers we headed into the game just in time to see the Royals score 2 runs. I think that was all they scored the entire game.

The game wasn't very exciting overall- we lost pretty bad against the Giants, but the fireworks show was awesome. In between some of the fireworks they showed some of the famous sights of Kansas City, some of the famous people from Kansas City, and some of the history of Kansas City. I thought this part was a little cheesy and unnecessary (considering most people at the game had probably seen all of this stuff before), but watching the brand new HD jumbotron is awesome.

After the game we came back to our house, played some wii, drank some more and went to bed.

On Saturday we had plans to eat homemade sushi at Chris and Heather's, but I had to work in the A.M., so we drove Nate home, dropped off Brian at Chris and Heather's so he could help them make a frame for some mirrors they put up on a wall, and I went to work for a few hours.

Frame work:

Once I got back from work we decided to head out to Minor Park with the dogs and head down the "river" (more like a creek). We had a lot of fun walking in the water and watching the dogs swim (Taigain's first time!). Of course I fell in the water- twice! I lost the beer the first time, but learned from my mistake and saved it the second time. We didn't get any pictures of the dogs at the park, but we took a lot at the Prewitt's. They really seem to like each other.

We were hungry when we got back so we got the sushi prepared and sat down to eat it. We had a ton so it didn't all get eaten, but that's okay since we made it ourselves it was still cheaper (and better) than going out to a restaurant. Chris and Heather are pros! Someday Brian and I will be attempting this on our own.

After dinner we headed outside to join Stephen, Becky, Matt Stooks and Jon in the driveway for more drinks and good times (until we went to bed at 3 A.M.!)

We woke up on Sunday and ate a big breakfast of eggs, potatoes, sausage and veggies that Chris and Heather cooked. It was really nice to be waited on and not even have to clean up the mess! We went home so we could get a few things done before the NASCAR Sprint Cup series came on at 4pm (they were racing in Sonoma at a road course). Tony Stewart ended up getting spun out by his buddy Kevin Harvick with 6 laps to go (he was in 2nd at the time I believe), but he still ended up getting 10th. Junior got 12th- pretty good since he hates road course racing.

I made an awesome dinner of meatball sandwiches that we will be eating all week.

We took a walk with the dog, caught up with some TV and then the weekend was over. Good times!

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  1. Between this post and the possibility of Camp Bacon Movie Night, it has become apparent that I must now move to Kansas City.