Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Weekend in Vegas

We were in Las Vegas from last Friday afternoon until Monday morning. We had a lot of fun, but we decided that it probably isn't necessary to go back any time soon. I don't really feel like rehashing every detail of the trip, so I will give a rundown of the highlights (and low-lights in some cases- FU Dan Marino!).

We stayed at Hooters Hotel and Casino. It's only one minute off the strip, across the street from MGM. It was very cheap, and there were no kids in the pool.

We walked up and down the strip a lot looking at all the different casinos. Here are some of our favorite things:

The Lion Habitat at MGM.

Boobies everywhere (this set happened to be at Treasure Island).

Beer pong at the cheapest casino on the strip, O'Sheas. They had $2 Miller Light and $4 well drinks.

The strip at night. It kind of reminded us of Times Square- lots of lights, lots of people, but much farther spread out.

The fountains at the Bellagio dancing to music. This was probably our favorite thing to see on the trip.

Eating wings at Dan Marino's is a very bad idea. Or any food at Dan Marino's for that matter. The worst restaurant ever. The excuse the manager gave for why the wings were so awful, "Some people like them, some people don't" (in a Mexican accent of course).

The coolest hotel on the strip, the Luxor. They have elevators that ride at an angle.

More boobs.

Hungover Brian watching the Nascar race after a night of heavy drinking at the Bobby Slayton comedy show. It was very good (from what we remember...).

Glass ceiling at the Bellagio. This place was packed with people. It was a very fancy hotel.

The buffet at the Flamingo. Yummy. They had a sushi station!

Lots of live flamingos at the Flamingo Hotel.

Of course we had to go to the Nascar Cafe on our way to downtown Vegas.

Freemont Street in downtown Vegas. The whole ceiling lights up at night playing different videos. This is considered old Las Vegas, and Binion's is where they hold a lot of the famous poker tournaments. There were a lot less people here than on the strip, and the beers were cheaper.

Our favorite neighbors Niki and Dusty who put up with us on the whole trip. They look happy because they know the trip is almost over (just kidding). We had a lot of fun with them.

Well, that's it. It was a good time, and it was fun to go with friends. I think anyone who reads this post should start thinking about going on some sort of group trip, like a cruise in the next couple of years. I know it would be a blast!

Update: Go here for all the pictures.


  1. It's about time. I was promised Vegas pics a lot sooner than I got them.

    Looks like fun!

  2. I think Vegas would be more fun with friends too. When Chris and I went it was fun...but not really our style. Maybe with some friends it would be better. We would be interested in a group cruise. Let's get together sometime (after the wedding) and do some research and look at different places, prices, dates, and activities....that we know how much to save!
    Great pictures btw.