Tuesday, September 9, 2008

We have grubs! And other random stuff.

On Saturday afternoon I was pulling out random weeds in the grass next to our driveway, and I noticed that the first weed I pulled out came out very easily, and so did the second one.  So I started pulling up the grass around it, and look what I found:

GRUBS!!  Seriously?!  I've worried about fungus, I've worried about watering, I've worried about weeds, I've worried about fertilizing, now I have to worry about grubs?!  It's a never ending battle.

Some say I worry about this stuff way too much, and I would have to agree.  But grubs can be very devastating to a lawn.  They will eat all the roots of your grass and kill it all in no time flat.  See the brown spots next to my driveway?

Luckily, I found them before they caused too much damage, and they are now in the process of being killed by insecticide I bought from the Grass Pad.

So on to another bug story.  Brian found the biggest wasp nest we have ever seen!  Friday night he was working on some electrical stuff outside near the patio and took a board off the planter box on the deck and came face-to-face with 30 wasps!  He ran away immediately and grabbed spray from garage and killed them all without getting stung!  Amazing considering how many there were.  Here is what their nest looked like:

I would have been scared poopless and not gone back.  Brian is a brave, brave man.

Over the weekend we also ate at a restaurant called Blue Koi to celebrate my dad's 58th birthday.  It was actually the newly opened version out in Leawood (versus the original on 39th street).  It was just okay.  I don't think I would recommend it to anyone.  Maybe the one on 39th is better.  They serve dumplings and fancy Asian/Chinese food.  Brian had some sort of Chinese Pot Roast and I had the Chicken Curry.  We also tried some of their dumplings.  It was all good, but not great.  After eating authentic dumplings in Chinatown, NY:

Blue Koi's tasted like store bought pot stickers.

We also did some more work on the landscaping on the side of our house.  This side:

Eventually it will be in both sides, front and back.  We had to move all of the red rocks and firewood (for camping) that we have collected from one side of the house to the other.

This is going to be where we store our garden stuff, and eventually a trailer (if I allow Brian to buy one) with a small fence surrounding it.

This area is going to be filled in with fancy rocks by next weekend:

They recommend you don't put mulch too close to the house because there is a potential to have problems with termites.  I like the look of mulch better, but I don't want to risk getting termites.  Plus you don't ever have to replace the rocks like you have to do every season with mulch.

While the yard work was going on  we smoked another chicken.  This time we marinated it in a brine (water, salt, sugar, rosemary solution) for about 5 hours and let it air dry for about 4 hours in the fridge (so the skin gets nice and crispy).

The brine made a world of difference!  The chicken actually had a lot more flavor, and was also very, very moist.  We will be experimenting with different brines in the future.  Along with the chicken we had smashed red potatoes and green beans with bacon and onions.  It was a very good Sunday night dinner.

Oh, I almost forgot.  We watched the Chiefs suck it up and Tony Stewart place second to Jimmy Johnson at Richmond International Raceway.  We also watched the movie, The Bank Job, with Jason Statham.  It was very good.  Probably the third best movie he's done (behind Snatch and Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels).


  1. I love the Snatch movie! It is also a great excuse to say snatch.

  2. Yeah, Brad Pitt is always nice to look at too.

  3. Grubs! Holy geez, that's not cool...that's not cool at all. And wasps? Man, you guys are being attacked by insects on all sides.

    Cool garden stuff/trailer storage place. Your guys' backyard is kickass.

    Bankjob...I'll have to check that out.

  4. Yummy looking chicken!!!

    I am starting to wonder if grubs are the reason the new grass I planted along my driveway has died two years in a row now, despite my tending it very carefully. I think an excavation is in order. Thanks for writing about that.