Friday, October 17, 2008

Get that thing out of my house!!!

Look what I found in the basement before going to work Tuesday!!!

I HATE snakes.  Okay, the snake we have in a cage is fine (I know he won't try to attack me), and really big, docile boas, such as Hersh's old snake are fine too.  It's just the "intruders" that scare me.  I think it's more of the element of surprise and not knowing if it is poisonous.

Anyways, I come down into the basement right before I am to get ready to go to work.  I see Stu sitting in the middle of the room playing with something that looks like cat barf.  I get closer to inspect and I see that is most certainly not cat barf, but a freakin' snake.  It's not moving even though Stu is batting at it, so I think it might be dead.  I poke it with a piece of newspaper laying near by and it moves a little bit.  At this point I decide to run upstairs to grab a bucket to put on top of it and leave it for Brian to come home and deal with.  Of course, dumb me, I leave Stu down there to play with it, and by the time I get back, I see it slither under one of the recliners.

I then call Brian, freaking out, and he at first thinks I am being attacked, this is how bad I am freaking out (sorry Brian, I promise to warn you that I am not hurt next time I call in hysterics).  There really is nothing he can do since he is at work, so I get a flashlight, gloves, and shoes and look, from a distance, under the chairs, and I don't see the snake.  At this point it is getting really late and I have to get ready for work.  So I leave the snake where he is, take the cat box and food upstairs, close the door and stuff a blanket in the door crack, essentially locking the snake in the basement.

I go ahead and go to work hoping that Brian will come home and find the snake, because I swore that I would never go back down in the basement again for fear that I would be sitting there watching TV and all of a sudden the snake crawls into my lap.

Luckily, when Brian got home, he tipped the recliner over, and out falls the snake.  He used hot dog pokers to push it into a bucket and then he took it over the fence.  THANK GOODNESS Brian isn't afraid of snakes!

So it's gone.  And it hasn't come back.  Nor have any of his friends.  I know I shouldn't be afraid of snakes, and they are actually good to have around (they eat rodents, insects, other snakes, etc.), I just don't want them coming to share my basement with me.  It must be the right time of year for snakes to look for warm places, because my friend Shanon happened to find one in her garage over the weekend, and I coworker of mine found one in her basement rafters about a month ago.  So people- be on the lookout!  Or don't, because you will probably never see them.

One last thing- anyone know what kind of snake this is?  I have a guess, but I want to know your thoughts.


  1. Great story, keep them coming.
    Well ok I guess there don't have to be snake attack stories but it was exciting to read.

  2. I case anyone is wondering, I think it is some sort of Kingsnake or Rat snake. If someone knows for sure, I would love to know.

  3. That would scare me so much, but I think Frank would refuse to go back into the house.

  4. Luckily Brian found the snake otherwise I wouldn't have gone back in the basement!

  5. Wow! How did I miss this story! Very exciting!!! and funny (not laughing at you, but with you!)