Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Happy One Year Anniversary to Us!

One year ago, Brian and I were in Hawaii having one of the best vacations we've ever had celebrating our  marriage.

This year we celebrated by going to Talladega last weekend; we got each other "tickets" to the race since according to some sort of anniversary rules, the first year is to be celebrated with paper (tickets=paper).

On the actual day this year we didn't do much, or the whole weekend for that matter.

Friday I had to work, so Brian went to Lowe's to buy supplies for the garage reorganization project.  Brian wants to get as much stuff (wood, tools, buckets, etc.) off the floor as possible since our garage is so small, so he built shelves out of steel that hang from the ceiling to hold the wood, pipes, etc. 

He also put up a lot of individual shelves around the walls of the garage to hold numerous other items.

Brian spent a good portion of the day Saturday building these shelves, while I was inside baking one of the best carrot cakes ever.  This recipe is courtesy of Martha Stewart.  Carrot Ginger Layer Cake with Orange Cream Cheese Frosting.

This is the first time that I have ever made a cake from scratch, and I thought it turned out awesome.  I did learn that baking takes a lot longer than you would expect.  It pretty much took me the entire day to bake the cake and make the cream cheese frosting (which was awesome!).

The reason I made the cake was because we were meeting my parents at J. Gilberts for dinner and then heading over to my grandma's to celebrate my mom's birthday and Brian and my one year anniversary.  I thought J. Gilberts was just okay.  The restaurant has a really nice atmosphere- upscale, dark, excellent service- but the food was nothing to write home about.  My dad's steak wasn't cooked properly and had to be sent back (and this place specializes in steak) and Brian's Chilean sea bass (the special) was very, very dry.  I had the scallops which I thought were excellent (but I only got 5 for $27).  For the price, this place wasn't worth it, but maybe Brian and I are just really picky people.  Luckily my parents paid for the meal so we couldn't complain.

After the celebration we went over to Niki and Dusty's to hang out, talk and watch the NASCAR race.  It had been a while since we've gotten to hang out with them even though we live so close to each other.

Sunday we blew off our projects early in the day to take Taigan down to the dog park in Shawnee Mission.

It was a blast!  It is so much fun to see Taigain run around with all of the other dogs and finally get the hang of swimming.

At first Taigain would follow dogs out into the water just until he could barely stand, and then he would turn around.  Finally we got him coaxed out far enough by throwing the ball into the water and he started paddling.  We threw the stick out as far as we could about 15 times and he retrieved it every time.  It kind of reminded us of that other dog we used to have...

I wish the park was closer to us because Taigan had such a great time and did so well with all of the other dogs.

Upon returning home we got right into finishing our projects.  I mowed while Brian removed everything from the garage.  After I got done mowing I helped clean, organize and put everything back in.  I think Brian is happier with all the new room and the new organization.

We finished up the weekend with dinner, TV, and the movie Super High Me starring Doug Benson (a comedian we had seen on Last Comic Standing).

He pretty much followed the formula for Super Size Me, but instead of eating McDonald's for 30 days it was marijuana he smoked non-stop for 30 days.  We thought it was okay.

On Monday, our actual anniversary, we made a really nice dinner of bacon-wrapped filet mignon, crispy portobella mushrooms, garlic breadsticks, ceaser salad, and a very nice bottle of red wine. 

For dessert, as tradition dictates, we ate the top layer of our wedding cake that we had saved for this special occasion.  It was still pretty tasty after a whole year in the freezer.


  1. O My, all that food looks so delicious! Happy Late Anniversary!

  2. You guys are adorable! Happy (late) anniversary also.

  3. Thanks guys! I don't think we'll ever look that nice again.