Monday, October 20, 2008

Talladega - Part Two (The Race & The Motorsports Hall of Fame)

note: Talladega - Part One (Driving & Camping) is here.

The Motorsports Hall of Fame

I can't really say too much about the Motorsports Hall of Fame that wouldn't bore the living poop out of most of my friends. I will say however that a fan of either NASCAR, or racing in general, would have a good time. We saw some historic vehicles, some record setting vehicles, and some scary lumps of twisted metal.

Exhibit A: The 740 MPH Budweiser Rocket Car

Exhibit B: The worlds fastest stock car (before they started slowing them down for safety)

Exhibit C: Famous old stock car (when they were actually made from stock cars)

Exhibit D: Mangled wreck (driver somehow walked away unhurt)

The Talladega Amp Energy 500

Naturally we were really excited for the race. We had bought good tickets and packed our coolers with plenty of beer. If I may digress for a moment, a lot of tracks allow you to bring your own coolers (translation: beer) into the track- which translates into good times! Back on track: If I haven't mentioned it in the first blog post, the track is freakin' huge (2.66 miles to be exact)! The front grandstands are a mile long and you can walk for 15 minutes and not reach the end. The grandstands are pretty crappy in comparison to the much newer Kansas Speedway. The seats appear to be folding chairs that have been welded together:

More interesting that the seats were the people-watching opportunities:

The guy on the left was wearing these badass penny loafers. Early in the day he announced to me that Tony Stewart would crash and that Greg Biffle would win (his favorite driver). I reminded him that Biffle always crashes at Talladega. His reply: he calmly turned his head and didn't talk to me the rest of the race! Penny-loafer-man ending up departing early, shortly after Biffle crashed (so he never got to see Stewart win- insert evil laugh here). He did find time to eat some canned beanie weanies though. Another interesting character was the annoying lady standing up in the picture above. She would stand up every time Labonte drove by (yeah, that is like 266 times) and she was constantly crossing her fingers. Occasionally she would even throw her hands up in the air and bow when Labonte drove by. She was married to this rather distinguished looking fellow (with a very mature mullet):

Disclaimer: Before I get bashed for making fun of everyone from Alabama let me say there were plenty of polite normal looking fellows around us ... it's no fun to talk about those people though!

The race itself was very entertaining (the flyover was great too). There were two big crashes, a record amount of leaders, and my favorite driver won. Talladega is far more entertaining than our home track of Kansas Speedway. During the race at Kansas we usually walk the merchandise trailers just to pass the time. At Talladega I found myself running to the pisser so that I wouldn't miss anything! Oh, I almost forget to mention something: three wide baby!

Well that is it, that's Talladega. We had a great time and we are going back. :)


  1. That is a SWEET mullet and the guy to your left is drinking High Life. I salute you, penny loafer High Life man.

  2. Wow, how exciting. I'm not really a NASCAR fan, but it sounds like you guys had a really good time!

  3. Which one of you is going to start growing the mullet to better fit in next year? Or are you going to grow matching ones? If so please let me know so I can start to look for jean jackets with fringe down the arms for xmas presents.

  4. Courtney has a head start on me, so I think she is the likely candidate for the mullet. I want that jacket though...