Thursday, October 2, 2008


We're ready for it ... it's unavoidable ... somewhat undesirable ... and completely unavoidable ... wait a minute, I just said that.

Pictures are coming...


  1. Seriously! I know you guys have been home for a day or two....please let us know how it went! And I'm expecting to see several photos of red-necks!

  2. I aim to please Heath ... for starters:

    We have so many things to blog about that we're not sure how to handle it- more to come for sure though!

  3. Nice Pictures. That will hold me off for a bit. I think next time we should get that 1800-rent-RV and fill it full of a bunch of us and a Keg or something and just go all hell-bent on the road (except for the driver, they can't be drinking and driving). Or a house boat....or just a really big tent. fun stuff.

  4. Hell yes to the RV idea next year.

    Here you go my faithful site visitor: