Friday, December 12, 2008

Old School

This post is old school for two reasons:

  1. I am writing it.

  2. I can't cook like Courtney, so I will not speak of food.

Now on to bidness, I got a new toy that I have wanted for some time:

What is this and why is it significant you may ask? This badass mutha is a 12 inch sliding compound miter saw with laser doo-dads and a penchant for success! Did I mention I got a portable stand too?

The sliding part it cool because it means I can cut large objects (like my friend Hogs) in a single pass. I have a co-worker that has mentioned he has the pricier DeWalt version no less than 700 times (I had mine delivered to work). It has taken great restraint not to either kick him in the balls or remind him I will actually use mine.


  • I installed a car stereo in my parking lot at work today (only took 10 minutes).

  • Next weekend I have to go to my Mom's house to redo the plumbing in her bathroom (next phase of her bathroom remodel).

  • Last week I painted 120 linear feet of casing, chair rail, and crown molding for the aforementioned bathroom remodel- I despise painting.

  • I'm creating the system for this rather exciting project at work that will allow students to access virtual lab computers and individual remote applications from anywhere in the world.



  1. I like how the portable stand is a lovely shade of neon green.

    You should keep up the great posting- I love it!

  2. Lynn, I hear you are in a festive mood today?

  3. This may be asking too much but next time you break out the saw will you "pop" off the shirt and take some action shots.

  4. saw looks like it will do some awesome cutting!!! Great for all those home remodeling projects!

  5. Brian, you are all that is man.