Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Christmas Vacation Projects (Part One)

Over my Christmas vacation I worked on two very different projects. The first project was a bathroom remodel for my Mom. I had been promising to do it for a few years now and I finally came through! Might as well start with the before and a few afters:

This project was very complex and involved ripping out everything but the cast iron tub. Some of what I did:

  • Demolition (including tearing out some awful paneling, the tub surround, custom cabinetry, and the worlds heaviest cast iron sink)

  • Added new electrical outlets (I guess people in the 50's didn't have hair dryers)

  • Added a new electrical run to ceiling (for fan/light combo- the light being the new part).

  • New plumbing for shower (I installed a new manifold and raised everything but the spout higher). I also got the pleasure of fixing some termite damage while I was in there (I love remodeling surprises)!

  • New plumbing valves/cutoffs everywhere else.

  • New bead board paneling (floor to ceiling)- turned out really nice.

  • New shower surround ... some stressful modifications with this- why is nothing ever 90 degrees?

  • Installed the new sink base, granite top, and fixtures (encountered some head-scratching problems I'll mention below).

  • Installed new medicine cabinet and separate storage cabinet.

  • Installed new lighting.

  • Crown molding and custom base trim.

  • New towel racks. toilet paper holder, etc.

  • About seven miles of silicone. I siliconed everything, including above and below all trim and molding. It really makes a difference not to see cracks anywhere.

Every project has some kind of nightmare that you remember as "the one". This time it was the sink base cabinet. The wall drain was exactly where the rail was for the top drawer. Not only did I have to move the drawer rail (which included cutting off the lower "L" portion), but I had to shorten the drawer by two inches and get the drain to clear everything else. I spent a fair amount of time staring and thinking on this one.

This was the bathroom I grew up with and it hadn't changed at all, so it felt nice to do this for my Mom. All of the bathroom remodel pics can be found here.

I'll post my second project here in a couple of days ... oh the anticipation!


  1. WOW!!! Great work! Everything looks amazing....and it is only the pictures! I bet it is even better in real life!

  2. Yeah, the remodel made a huge difference! It feels like a much bigger space, even though it is still very small.