Monday, January 26, 2009

Weekend Juggernauts

jug·ger·naut (noun): An overwhelming, advancing force that crushes or seems to crush everything in its path.

That was us in a nutshell this weekend! In preparation for our Super Bowl guests next weekend Courtney and I wanted to get a lot of stuff accomplished. On Saturday Courtney really wanted to paint the office on the first floor. After the illiterate paint guy at Home Depot finally got our color mixed properly, we picked up a bunch of poplar boards (for picture frames) and headed back home to "get to it".

Once home Courtney started taping off the trim and I got to work installing crown molding in our half bath on the main floor. I had painted all of the trim during the previous week, so I got right to cutting. After a few hours and a lot of whining (nothing is ever 90 degrees) I got the trim installed. Next came silicone (for the seams), glazing compound (nail holes), and a little paint touch-up. It ended up looking pretty damn good! Crown molding make such a difference.

At this point Courtney was almost done painting and the new paint color was looking great- looked like a completely different room! While Courtney was cleaning up I re-installed all of the face plates and vent covers, and re-hung the blinds.

At this point my neck was killing me (I sprained it last week) and Courtney was pretty beat. We closed the night out with a dinner of stuffed onions from The Pioneer Woman, and a movie, Pineapple Express.

On Sunday we started with semi-renewed vigor! We still had to install chair rail in the office and I wanted to build 7 more picture frames for our LP cover art project. I got started on the chair rail and Courtney started planning for the Super Bowl festivities. Once she got her grocery list she headed out to Costco, Wally-Mart, etc. and I continued on the chair rail. The trim took a lot longer than I anticipated because there were a lot of end pieces to cut. In my opinion trim always looks like crap until I silicone all of the seams. Once I got that done it starting looking really great though- the whole room looks much better now!

I really wanted to quit working at this point but I still had to make the picture frames if I wanted to hang them before the Super Bowl. I headed to the garage (where it was 15 degrees) and managed to crank them out in a few hours. I was in and out of the garage every 30 minutes for a few more hours gluing and clamping the frames, but I used the free time in between to clean up all the messes we had made over the weekend.

Courtney finally showed back up with a ton of crap and a renewed hatred for the general public (shopping on a Sunday will do that for you). We ended up closing out Sunday by moving all of the furniture back into the office, making a fantastic homemade pizza (with white sauce instead of red), and watching a very disappointing movie that goes by the name of Burn After Reading.

That was the end of the weekend, but we still have a lot to do before the Super Bowl ... wish us luck. :)


  1. Pizza and onions look delicious, and the new paint and chair rail look great also! Good job being productive - I know it can be hard sometimes!!!

  2. Thanks only-two-people-that-visit-our-site. :)

  3. i better chime in.
    Looks great, can't wait to see it Sunday.