Friday, February 20, 2009

Bullets Are The Future

  • I love my new truck, it's like a truck had sex with a car, only the truck had the more dominant genes. It is mad sexy and I keep finding new features I didn't know about. Latest newly-discovered feature: the heater won't actually blow air until the air is worth blowing.

  • I took Monkey (my dog) for one of my world famous walk-abouts. "WTF are you talking about?" you may ask? Well, a "walk-about" is where I let my dog lead the way- I literally follow my dog around for hours. I started this tradition the day I found out my previous dog (Jaik of course) had cancer, and I strive to continue the tradition with Taigan. Anyways, we have a lot of undeveloped land around our house (prime real estate for a doggy-led excursions). AnywaysX2, Monkey led me for quite an excursion (+1.5 hours) this week ... during this walk-about I found: an old burnt-down farmhouse, rusty farm implements, an old un-covered fascinatingly-built well, multiple really old trash heaps, a perfectly good 5 gallon igloo water cooler, multiple deer-parts for Taigan to carry around in his mouth, and a partridge in a pear tree. It was good times!

  • I built a new subwoofer box for Courtney's car this week. Last year I got a free Polk subwoofer for being part of a bunch of Polk research committees, and I had secretly hoped to install it in my next vehicle. Well, now that I have a new truck, not only does that seem incredibly selfish, but Courtney has been having problems with her subwoofer. Let me tell you, this new subwoofer box looks like shit! Courtney, rightly so, decided she didn't care what the box looked like (translation: don't buy any paint). I ended up using some nearly-dried-out polyurethane I had lying around in my basement, and now the subwoofer box that I meticulously built and sanded (to stringent specifications) looks like a elementary school desk with an extra chromosome. I must post pictures soon so that you can understand my plight.

  • I've been really busy at work lately, I hope it doesn't slow down any time soon. It makes the weekdays fly by.

  • My wife is a fabulous cook- how did I get so lucky?!

  • The economy sucks, and it scares me.


  1. just curious: Does the new truck fit in your garage? It looks so big!

  2. Thats a good question.

    Well, I had to completely rearrange the garage AND make this device that my tire hits so I know exactly when I am in the right spot. At that point I have about 5 inches of space front and back. Without the tire stop I don't know how I would do it. With the stop it has become quite easy. :)

  3. I would have to agree that the subwoofer is probably the ugliest I've seen, but somehow that makes it even cooler. It sounds great, by the way!