Monday, May 11, 2009

Front Landscaping- Done!

Landscaping before last weekend:


I finally have the front landscaping looking like I want it to!  Every single plant that was orignally put in by our homebuilder has found a new home- either still in the front, but in a different spot, or in the back around the deck.  I am so relieved that this project is completed!  I am not a landscape designer and I had a terrible time trying to figure out what plants would look better in the front, how big they would get when they were mature, what plants actually survive in pure clay soils, etc.  I even broke out the graphing paper and rulers!!

Here is what I planted:
One Maiden Grass
One Dwarf Burning Bush
One Dwarf Lilac
Four American Hollies
One China Boy Holly
Three Knock Out Roses (Red Shrub Roses)
Two Emerald 'n Green Euonymus

Hopefully my design and plants look great when they mature.  I really wanted to make sure I would have some color as opposed to all green shrubs, that's why I chose the Knock-Out roses and the lilac.  Maybe in a couple of years I will remember to post a picture of the mature plants so I can compare the growth.

Don't get me started on all of my planters and hanging baskets...


  1. Everything looks great poopies!

  2. Thanks guys! I am just so relieved it's done!

  3. It looks great. I love flowers!

  4. Wonderful job ! The colors of your plantings are well balanced and with the color of your mulch it makes your landscaping just POP out!
    I am wondering what color you have your entry door painted? I too have a grey sided home and it currently has a color burgundy, would like to change that. Please respond. Thanks.

  5. Thanks! Our entry door is actually a dark blue color as our house is more of a gray/blue color.