Thursday, May 14, 2009

Koi Pond- Done!

While I was busy working on the front landscaping, Brian was in the back finishing up the koi pond and surrounding landscaping.  He also ran electrical (for two different fountains pumps), installed landscape fabric and edging, trucked in 27 smelly and wet bags O' mulch, and put up hangers (so I could hang a plant, bird feeder and wind chimes).

We're still waiting to get some fish and water plants, but that will be happening in the next few weeks.

Brian's favorite part:

All the pics here.


  1. That Brian guy, he's a fucking juggernaut I tell you.

  2. Wow! That looks absolutely amazing - great work!!!!

    Can't wait to see it - is Taigan leaving it pretty much alone?

  3. Taigan has done pretty good so far. When we first put the pond in with no rocks or landscaping he went crazy, but I think Brian took care of that. For all we know, Monkey is afraid of the freakin' fountains!

  4. Me likey frogggggggggggggs.

  5. That looks purdy! Nice work there!