Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Old Person Camping

Brian and I bought a pop-up camper- and it has air conditioning!

We took it out on it's maiden voyage this last weekend and had an absolute blast.  Some people say that using a camper isn't camping, but in Brian's words, "we found something to make the crappy parts of camping better".  No more sweating in the sweltering heat, no more moist tents, no more air mattress.

It's a hotel room on wheels!  It comes with a heater, a refrigerator (that runs on 12v, 115v, or propane), a nice external awning, and a sink that can run off of an internal 10 gallon tank or city water. Brian even hooked us up with the interwebs and TV! He also already has plans for a bunch of modifications (you know how he is), like a better faucet and built-in radio.

The model of the camper we bought is a 2009 Flagstaff 206 LTD.  We had to drive 5 hours to Walcott, Iowa to get the best deal (Brian found the deal online- the place was beating local dealers by thousands of dollars). We weren't expecting to buy new, but after looking at a bunch of crappy 10 year old campers, still being sold for $3000 or more, we decided that the extra money for brand new was worth it.  It actually has a lot of great features that the older models don't have, such as a five-piece canvas (if you create a tear, you can get that small section replaced versus the whole canvas) and an electric sink.

We already can't wait to take it on some fun road trips.  We are of course taking it to Talladega, and we are heading up to Smithville this weekend, but I think we will be able to squeeze in a few more trips before the summer is over.

But wait, it has a heater, so the fun doesn't have to stop when summer is over!

You can find a few more pics here.

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  1. Sounds awesome. Can't wait to try it out with you guys!