Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Bullets (Episode #427)

  • TV sucks right now. I've been real busy and I have still managed to watch everything on my DVR ... what do you do when that happens, watch live TV?
    Update: I opted for the radio.

  • Monkey now lifts his leg to pee on occasion- I am sooo proud.

  • We're going camping this weekend, I can't fucking wait!

  • We just bought a 4000 watt generator. I'm going to use it to power the house during outages and for camping at NASCAR events. Now I just have to figure out how to setup my house electrical for a generator connection.

  • While I was mowing the lawn today I accidentally killed two snakes and almost stepped on another (he was a big mofo too). WTF?

  • I recently built a fence for some good friends of mine. It pisses me off that I can't walk out my back door and admire the handy work.

  • We have a ton of projects in the queue right now:

    • Build a massive spice rack that hangs on the back of the cupboard door.

    • Add casing to two door openings inside our house.

    • Setup and calibrate our new projector (it already looks great by the way).

    • Build a bike rack for our camper.

    • Landscaping around our pond.

    • Crown molding on the first floor.

    • Redo some of landscape edging.

    • Tune my chainsaw (it won't idle for shit).

    • Buy and rebuild a used canoe.

    • Install a radio into our camper.


  1. I admire the fence handiwork several times a day. It's the best looking fence in the neighborhood, so HUGE thank yous!

    We need more projects to occupy our time - need any help with yours? ;)

  2. Once you have become friends with resin and fiberglass, canoe repair is a snap! And surely if I can do it, so can you!!!

  3. So Lynn, while I am at work tonight, you and Frank can come over and dig all the holes for the plants around the water feature. I've got them marked and everything!

    Just kidding (sorta).

  4. And, oh yeah, I'm never mowing again.