Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Snow Monkey

I am very happy to finally see all that snow melting away.  Spring cannot get here soon enough as I am already tired of the snow and cold weather.  And I know Brian is tired of shoveling the drive and sidewalk!  Unfortunately for me, I heard a rumor that February could be as bad, or worse, than December and January.  Yipee!  Let's hope that rumor is false, as the cold weather has really put a damper on the productivity in the Anderson household, but oh well, it's been a nice vacation from all the projects.  I have never watched so much football in my life!

At least one of the Anderson's enjoyed the snow.

More pics here!

Stay tuned for a few recipes here and there, and soon, a new project will be in the works.  The paint swatches have been pulled out!

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