Monday, March 15, 2010

Spring Activities

We are ecstatic to see the weather finally starting to warm up!  Especially after this long, frozen winter!  With this warm weather comes camping, eating out on the deck, opening up the windows, turning off the furnace, and budding flowers and trees.  It also brings many activities, projects, trips, and yard work.  Basically it's time to get off our butts and get to work!

This is a great time of year to get a few things done around the yard before the plants come out of hibernation.

I cleaned out the mulch beds of debris- leaves, unwanted grass, and trash; I cut down the ornamental grasses and daylily "leftovers" (they are already starting to peek up through the mulch!), and I pruned my shrubs to shape them up and get rid of any old or dead limbs (rose bushes, hollies, spirea, burning bush).

I also discovered a new lawn nuisance- Voles!!  The snow melted and their evidence of existence was left behind.  I am hoping now that the snow is gone, they will just stay out of my yard, but I put down Mole/Vole repellent just in case.

Brian got his truck all cleaned up for the spring too- new oil and a new air filter (those things are expensive!).

With spring also means we get to celebrate Brian's birthday.  This year we invited both of our parents to dinner at bd's Mongolian barbecue and then a Maverick's hockey game out in Independence.

This is the third game we've seen and the third time we've seen them lose!!  Although, this game was the most exciting of them all.  We saw a ton of fights, overtime, and a shootout.  We also won lottery tickets, a Sonic cherry limeade and they gave away free pucks (real ones).

We are also going to be smoking a lot of meats- it's much, much easier to use the smoker when you don't have to wrap it in insulation like we did for the Superbowl!  For Brian's birthday I bought him a class (I get to go too) at Backyard Bash called, BBQ 102: Briskets and Butts where we will be learning how to smoke pork butts and brisket.  This is really going to help us get over our fear of ruining an expensive cut of meat like brisket!  We'll be taking plenty of notes, and I  am sure some of our lucky readers will get to try some of the things we learn in class when we try it at home.

Last but not least, we will be tiling the wet bar back splash in the next weekend or two.

We'll post before and after pictures as soon as we are done.

Yeah for spring!