Thursday, July 1, 2010

Colorado Vacation – Part III

For Part II go here.

Tuesday was going to be a great day for two reasons:

  1. We made big piles of pancakes for breakfast.

  2. We were finally going on a hike with Monkey!

The trail in question is the Waldo Canyon Trail. It has an elevation gain of 1300 ft and a length of 7 miles. Unless you are Chuck Norris it should take about 4 hours.

I was really excited about this trail because I had read some great reviews and seen some cool pictures. The trail certainly didn't disappoint. There are a lot of elevation gains, a shady forest, a cool stream you get to cross multiple times, switchbacks, ravines, and plenty of wildlife and plants to observe. Let's see some pictures!

Notice how Monkey is in every shot? That is because he was always 10 yards in front of us looking back, wondering what was taking us so long.

Once we got to the highest point on the trail we stopped for a moment to eat a PB&J sandwich- it was a nice break that allowed us to soak up the amazing scenery.

The trail is very popular, but due to its length we didn't run into too many people. Many folks call this trail a beginner trail- well I call those folks doo-doo heads! Although the trail isn't supremely difficult or anything, I think it falls into the moderate category- Courtney and I were both tired afterward. I think Monkey definitely had a blast though. In closing, I would recommend this trail to anyone visiting the Colorado Springs area.

You can find all of the Waldo Canyon Loop pictures here.

The remainder of the night was spent eating grilled veggie kabobs and turkey burgers while relaxing and looking at pictures we had taken during the trip.

Oh, have I talked about the hassles of bear country yet? In bear country you are not allowed to have anything food-related stored anywhere but a hard shelled vehicle or camper (or a bear box). Since our pop-up camper is essentially a tent on a wooden box this meant us. We had to keep all food, liquids, and toiletries in our truck. We also had to store all of our cook stoves and grills in the truck. I even had to shed the clothes I cooked in before I went into the camper each night. Let me tell you, the truck was pretty full each night! All in all it wasn't too bad, but it was a pain at times (namely stowing the toiletries each night before I went to bed). People that don't follow the rules are pretty big D-bags though, as it is usually the bear that gets killed (and not the D-bag). Sadly we never saw a black bear in person, but we did often see reminders of their presence in the form of scratches on trees.

Stay tuned for follow-up posts outlining the rest of our trip!

Update: Continue on to Part IV

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