Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Labor Day Weekend Activities

It must seem like we haven't been very busy this summer with the lack of blog posting, but quite the opposite has been true.  We've been so busy we haven't had time to blog!

This weekend we did some notable things, so I thought they deserved a blog post.

Friday while Brian was working, I painted the baby room.  I do not have a before picture, but you can imagine the same room with a tan/peach/ugly color on the walls.  There is a stripe running down the middle of each wall because that is where we are going to put chair rail, and we will also be putting in crown molding (you will see this later on in this post).

On Saturday Brian spent the morning painting all the molding we bought Friday night (enough to do the baby room and office) while I cleaned the house.

Saturday was a big day for someone else in my family.  It was my dad's 60th birthday celebration!

To celebrate he decided he wanted to go to Room 39 for dinner and then have dessert/open presents back at his house.  Room 39 was excellent, as I had heard from multiple people.  We shared an excellent appetizer of calamari, and we all got a salad before the main course.  My salad happened to have a chunk of fried goat cheese which was amazing.

For the main course I had the stuffed quail, Brian had the pork tenderloin, my mom had the salmon, my grandma had the rib eye, and my dad chose the flan.  All were excellent.  I think the only thing that wasn't tried on the menu was the seared tuna.  Their menu changes daily to use the fresh ingredients that are in season, so I don't know if I'll ever get to taste the tuna!

After dinner we went back to my parents' house to open presents.  Brian and I had a custom card and present made for my dad.  The card was made by my friend and coworker Jessica, and everyone raved about how awesome it was.  The present we got my dad was a custom metal ukulele with the words Ed's Music Room carved into it.  Brian designed the whole thing and the shop, Colorado Custom Metal, cut it and finished it to our specifications.  It turned out awesome!

We then ate homemade pie and cake (made be my grandma and mom respectively).  I ate too much because they were both too good to have just one piece!

We left my parents around 9:30 P.M. and somehow ended up driving right near Brian's work on our way home.  I had heard on NPR that one of the best views of the Plaza/Nelson area was from the top of the new UMKC student union, so we decided to stop by and see for ourselves.  The union happened to be closed at 10:30P.M., but because Brian is a powerful man at UMKC he is allowed access at all hours of the night!  Brian gave me a tour of the whole building (it is very, very modern and very, very cool) ending with the upper outdoor terrace.  It is a great view of The Nelson art museum, which is especially great when it is all lit up at night.

We finished off the evening with a movie- Date Night.  It was okay.  If Steve Carrell and Tina Fey hadn't been in it it would have been downright bad.

Sunday we got back to work and I spent part of the day outside weeding our landscaping and moving some ground cover around while Brian started in on putting up the chair rail in the baby room.

After the chair rail was done we quit working so we could go buy salads from Hy-Vee  and enjoy spending time on our patio with a fire in the Chiminea and watching Tony Stewart win the  NASCAR race.

Monday was the last day of our long weekend and we spent it putting up crown molding in the baby room and office.  I think crown really finishes a room off and I can't wait to put it in the rest of the house.

So that was what we did over our long holiday weekend.  We accomplished a lot which always feels good, and this upcoming weekend will only be a continuation of the past (more yard work, furniture building, more crown, etc., etc., etc.).  The weekend after that will be a bit more relaxing as we are going on a camping trip with our neighbors, but stay tuned for more projects and pictures!