Thursday, February 3, 2011

Jack's Birth Story

Jack's official due date of Wednesday, January 12th came and went uneventfully, with no sign of a baby Jack coming any time soon. Jack's late departure (or arrival, depending how you look at it) was OK with me though, I still had a few last minute errands to run! I had two days of use-it-or-lose-it vacation so I had already scheduled that Thursday and Friday off. The plan was to return to work the following week if Jack decided to keep on incubating.

Thursday morning around 5 A.M. I woke up with slight cramping. I initially thought it might be an upset stomach, as indigestion had been a common problem towards the end of my pregnancy. For that reason I didn't wake Brian up, no reason to make him worry if it really was nothing. As for me, however, sleep was no longer possible!

Once Brian woke up for work around 6 A.M. I let him know I was having cramps and that they didn't seem to be going away. The cramps weren't really getting any worse either though so we decided he should go in to work (but be ready to come home at any point). If these cramps were the real deal they could go on for hours... and they did! I started timing them around 10 A.M. and they were coming about every 5 to 7 minutes, but they were very tolerable. I could still go about my daily activities so I did.

Around noon Brian decided to come home- the contractions weren't going away and he couldn't really focus on work. We went to Longboards for lunch and then came home to watch The Social Network. I was still having contractions every 5-7 minutes during the whole movie, but they weren't getting any worse. As soon as the movie ended, however, that's when it happened- my water broke! It happened just like you see in the movies- a giant gush of water going everywhere! Luckily I was sitting on a leather recliner, otherwise whatever I was sitting on would have been ruined. More water came out than I ever could have imagined! It was obviously time to go to the hospital. I guess I should take a moment to thank Jack for letting us finish the movie- Thanks Jack!

Brian ran around gathering up our stuff. Luckily we packed ahead of time because I was unable able to help at this point- I was still leaking water everywhere and the contractions had gotten much, much worse. They were the can't-walk-or-talk-through-them kind... I had no idea how painful labor would be!

When we got to the hospital (at 5:15 P.M.) Brian had to get me a wheelchair as I couldn't walk through the contractions. He wheeled me up to the maternity ward where they were expecting us. I definitely knew I wanted an epidural at this point (no more back and forth on that one), but they had to draw lab work before I could get something to deal with the pain. As soon as my labs came back the anesthesiologist showed up (about an hour after I got there). I couldn't wait! I had to labor through a few more contractions before the medication took effect, but as soon as it did I could smile and talk again... as well as let Brian talk to me!

I think it was about 7:30 P.M. at that point and all we had to do was wait until I was dilated to 10cm so I could start pushing. I dilated about 2 cm an hour until I got to 8cm where things kind of stalled out. My contractions were getting farther apart and weren't as intense. They put a monitor on my belly that would measure each contraction so we could tell when they were coming and how far apart they were. They decided to give me a low dose of Pitocin to keep things moving and they kept having me change position in the bed so that I could get my cervix to finish dilating- apparently laying on your side helps. They also talked about little Jack having a big head, which did not surprise us in the least!

At about 11 P.M. we were ready to push! I was really nervous about this part, but my nurse and Brian were awesome coaches and made me feel like I was doing a great job. The epidural worked out perfect for me- at this point I could feel a contraction coming on so I would know when to push, but the contractions weren't so painful that I couldn't make it through them. My doctor came in after about an hour of pushing to finish delivering the baby. Brian got to watch all of it! He saw the head pop out and then the rest of the baby. Unfortunately Brian didn't get to cut the cord because little Jack had it wrapped around his body so tight that he had been deprived of a little oxygen (and therefore was a little pale). They took him right away and gave him some oxygen to make sure everything was okay. Thankfully everything was OK and they put him on my chest and he was the cutest baby we had ever seen! It was the first time ever that I was delighted to hear a baby cry!

Brian also filmed a good portion of the whole event... and here it is!

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  1. Great story and great video! That is so cool that you have that recorded. Hope all is well!