Monday, March 7, 2011

The Fire Has Been Put Out

It had to happen at some point, has been decommissioned. Don't worry though, all of the content was moved to (you can view under the "media" category, 104 posts total). came about one night as a result of some smartass banter between Courtney and I. I said something in jest to Courtney (not even sure what at this point) and she replied back "Mega Fire On Your Face Bitch"! After we finished laughing I promptly bought the domain name without knowing what I would even do with it. It turned into to our photo-and-video-only blog and I really enjoyed how easy it was to post something (not to mention it looked cool)!

MegaFireOnYourFace, you will be missed. :(

Don't forget to update your feed reader! The site will redirect to until the domain expires (which will cause double posts in your feed reader if you don't unsubscribe from

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