Thursday, May 26, 2011

Camp Bacon Spring Pork Spectacular 2011

We had another successful Camp Bacon event held out on Shanon's dad's property in Odessa, MO.  He has an awesome setup for gatherings: a basketball court, working toilets, flat ground, and large trees for shade!

We had 16 people turn out for an afternoon of fun and a celebration of pork.  For dinner Brian and I made bacon-wrapped pork medallions with garlic-mustard butter and everyone else brought a side or snack to share.

We had Mi Ranchito chips and salsa, Awesomesauce cookies, two different pasta salads, potato salad, cucumber salad, grilled asparagus, cheesy corn, dates stuffed with goat cheese wrapped in bacon, and other goodies that I have probably forgotton about that were equally amazing.

That night we got to burn the big brush pile.  I think it has been sitting there for three years, teasing us everytime we come out to camp, but it was never the right time.  This year was perfect.  The fire was awesome!

After the big fire died down we gathered back around the little normal sized fire to chat longer before going to bed.  The night ended a little earlier than previous years due to a certain little baby that likes to get up in the wee hours of the morning, as well as threats of massive amounts of rain (that never materialized).

In the morning we cooked up large amounts of eggs, sausage, hashbrowns and bacon to make breakfast burritos.  It was a perfect end to a perfect Camp Bacon event.

We might try to change things up next year and host the event at a different location (Shanon and Jessica are amazing but they have to do so much work to get the area ready for the campou, we would like to give them a break!), but we'll see when the time comes.  Someday, Brian and I wish to have land where we can have Camp Bacon at our house.  But we'll keep dreaming for now!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Jack is 4 Months Old

Hey everybody, my name is Baby Jack! I just turned 4 months old the other day.  It kind of confuses me though; I am 17 weeks old, but my four month birthday was on May 14th.  Whatever.  I just do what they tell me.

Of course Mommy and Daddy made me go back to the doctor again.  He said everything was great (obviously, as I am the perfect baby)!  Here are my measurements:

Height- 25.75" (78th percentile)
Weight- 14 lbs 13 oz (48th percentile)
Head Circumference- 16.75" (57th percentile)

They also made me get two shots and the same juice as last time squirted in my mouth.  The first shot wasn't too bad, but the second one hurt a lot and made me cry a little bit.  Daddy was mean and took a video of me getting the shots, but I saw him tearing up when he watched it, so I don't think I want to put it in this post because it will make you cry too.

I've just started to roll over.  I have done it a total of four times.  Daddy took this video of me doing it the other day:

I also laugh a lot and am really enjoying the exersaucer my parents bought me.  I love playing in it and banging on all the toys- it makes a lot of noise!

I've also been camping once, and I keep hearing my parents talk about some Camp Bacon thing going on this weekend.  Apparently all the grown ups get together and eat lots of pork and bacon.  Sounds like fun, but I think I'll stick with milk for a while!

Well, I am sure I will do something cool in the near future that I will have to tell you about.  See you soon!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

First Camping Trip of the Year- Watkin's Mill

It's that time of year again!  We decided on Watkin's Mill for our first camping trip of the season.  We like Smithville, and will go there later this summer, but it seems like every time we go there, something happens- like a tornado, hail, or fierce winds.  Watkin's Mill is a nice, family-friendly place, with a small fishing lake surrounded by a paved biking/walking trail.  We have yet to do the Mill tour, but one of these days we will get around to it.

Brian took a Friday off and went to set up the camper while I went to work and Jack went to daycare.  Out of the 70-some electric campsites available, all but three were taken upon Brian's arrival!  Apparently other people thought it was the perfect weekend to go camping too.

After Brian set up the camper he came into town to pick up Jack.   They went back and hung out and Jack actually went to bed on time, in his awesome portable zip-up tent (inside the camper of course), despite all of the chaos going on outside of the camper.  I arrived after 10:30 P.M., but Brian and I were able to fit in an episode of Mad Men and some hummus before calling it a night.

On Saturday, we relaxed in the morning until my parents came to visit us in the afternoon.  We took a walk around the lake, talked, and listened to my dad play his ukulele.  Jack loved it!

For dinner we made bacon-wrapped pork medallions with garlic-mustard butter and grilled veggies.

My parents brought dessert- my mom's homemade chocolate cake (the best we've ever eaten) and homemade apple crisp.  After dessert we watched a little NASCAR together (what else would you do camping??) and then it was bedtime for Jack, so my parents headed out.

Brian built up a fire which we enjoyed for another hour, then we went inside for a couple more episodes of Mad Men and hummus before lights out.

We have another big camping trip coming up- our annual Camp Bacon Spring Pork Spectacular.  So you can look forward to hearing all about that soon!