Monday, August 15, 2011

Trimmed Doorways and Jack's Playroom

We finally finished a project that was started nearly 4 years ago (no kidding)! One of the many things on our to-do list to "finish" the house was to frame the doorways to our main floor office/marimba room (now playroom). I don't know why we kept putting off the project, but once we started, it only took about a week to finish (that adorable kid can really slow things down!). Here is a semi-before (we never think to take pictures until we've started):

The first step was to cut off the existing trim on the floor using Brian's new multi-use oscillating tool.

The next step was to sand the doorway drywall, skim coat it to make it smooth (simulating a traditional wood doorway), and then paint the area with high-gloss trim paint. We chose to make the doorways fancy-schmancy by adding plyths and rosettes so we painted those too. We thought we already had the trim painted because we did it four years ago, but apparently Sherwin Williams gave us a can of yellowish high-gloss paint (when we did the basement) that doesn't match any trim in the rest of the house (major bummer). We ended up having to repaint all of the trim (luckily you don't notice the off color in the basement because it doesn't butt up to other trim)!

Once all of the paint was dry, Brian cut the trim to fit, nailed it up, and then siliconed nine miles of crack. Voila! Trimmed doorways! Oh yeah, Brian also had to finish putting up the chair rail in that room since we had left those pieces off knowing we would be finishing the entryways. It looks gooood:

And as you can see, that room is no longer storing the marimba and the desk, but all of Jack's toys. It works out really well to keep all of his things in there; we love it and Jack seems to like having a place to crawl around that is free of cat and dog hair.

The next major project on our list is installing crown molding on the main floor. As amazing as the door trim looks, crown molding looks even better. I can't wait! Now if only Jack would learn how to hold all of Daddy's tools...

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  1. The play room is awesome !!! Even us adults like 'playing' there!
    All of the other 'new' colors and wood working additions are FABULOUS !!!