Monday, November 14, 2011

Jack is 10 months old

Let's see what happened this last month...hmmm... Well, I am getting really good at pulling myself up and cruising around the furniture and I really like to climb the stairs. Mommy and Daddy decided to put a stop to that by putting up a gate in front of them; they are NO fun! I  like to wave at everyone I see and people seem to love it and wave back. I also figured out I can point at stuff and Mommy and Daddy will tell me all about it. I am learning so much stuff!

I didn't have a regular doctors visit this month, but I did see an ear, nose and throat specialist at Children's Mercy Hospital because I had gotten three really bad ear infections. I don't have to get tubes yet, but they said if I get a fourth infection in six months they will have to put them in. I hope that doesn't happen! Otherwise I've been feeling pretty good!

I had a few adventures this past month. We went to the Deanna Rose Farmstead out in Overland Park- that place is so cool! I can't wait to go when I am older and can play on the jungle gym and feed the goats myself.

We also went to the zoo and saw a lot of animals I had only seen in my picture books- elephants, tigers, lions and monkeys. It was fun, but I think I liked the farmstead better!

I also dressed up as a tiger for Halloween. We carved pumpkins at home and I had a party at daycare, but I didn't get to do any trick or treating this year. A lot of kids came to our house all dressed up and Daddy gave out tons of candy, so maybe I will get to go next year.

Thanksgiving is coming up and I am really excited about it. I hear I will get to eat tons of awesome food. I can't wait! If you want to see more pictures, look here. Talk to you again soon.