Thursday, January 26, 2012

Jack's Bathroom Mirror Frame

Back in December of 2010 I blogged about finishing the guest bathroom remodel. Well, it wasn't exactly 100% complete. We didn't like the large mirror taking up the whole wall and knew we wanted to change that by either purchasing a smaller mirror or framing the one we had to give it a more finished looked. We bought a few different mirrors but none of them really fit the space. In the end we purchased some custom trim, painted it white, and then sat on the project for an entire year (due to the arrival of  Mr. Jack).

Well, it's finally done! We actually bought a smaller mirror to frame instead of trying to attach the trim to the giant one we already had.

Brian, of course, executed the frame-making. Here he is using biscuits to join the mitered pieces together:

Here is the frame all put together. Brian also added heavy-duty L-brackets to secure the joints since it would be holding a huge mirror on the wall.

Brian used some wall mirror brackets to attach the mirror to the frame and then used heavy-duty fasteners and wall hangers to hang it on the wall.

And here it is in the 100% finished bathroom:

We love it and can't wait to do something like that in the master bath (if we ever get to it!).