Sunday, April 29, 2012

Watkins Mill: First Camping Trip of 2012

We went on our inaugural 2012 camping trip recently. Last year we had an immobile, young baby with us (Brian called him a blob), but this year we had a full-on mobile toddler! We wanted to take a camping trip before the big Camp Bacon Spring Pork Spectacular (our annual camping get-together to celebrate friends and all things pork) to make sure Jack would do okay and basically test out the waters.

For the most part, the trip was fun, but there were a few not-so-fun moments. All of those not-so-fun moments occurred Friday night when Brian was by himself with Jack at the campsite. The normal camping routine is for Brian to take the day off and set up camp while Jack goes to daycare and I go to work. Once camp is set up, Brian relaxes for a while and then picks up Jack (I work until 10:30 P.M.). After a long day of daycare, sometimes Jack can be a little bit cranky, and this night was no exception, except now we had thrown him out of his routine and taken him camping. This combination didn't make the evening very relaxing for either Brian or Jack. Jack had a very hard time sleeping, and in the end, he woke up for good at 3 A.M. crying and screaming. Since we only live 30 minutes away and I didn't want angry camping neighbors in the morning, Jack and I headed home.

After catching a few zzzz's we returned to the camp at 9 A.M. Saturday. Saturday was MUCH better and Jack was in a great mood. We ate breakfast, took a long walk, hit up the playground, ate lunch and all took a nice loooong nap. We woke up, played outside for a while, and then cooked up a yummy dinner of chicken fajitad. Our friends came out to the campsite for a walk around the lake- they did all 3.75 miles and we headed back early to get Jack in bed. Jack went to sleep much easier, and stayed asleep while we enjoyed the best part of camping- a nice, warm campfire. After our friends left, Brian and I continued our tradition of snacking in the camper while watching a movie before bedtime. Jack was sound asleep at this point, so I don't think he even made a peep when we were in the camper.

That night it got cold (we brought an electric heater, but it couldn't really keep up), so Jack woke up and we brought him into bed with us and he did great and slept until 7:30 A.M.! That's like sleeping in for us these days.

We had plans to cook breakfast at the campsite, but as usual, we just decided to start packing and head on home. While camping was fun for the most part, I think we were ready to get home. I think, even though one night was rough, camping later in May is going to be fine. Jack just needed a little time to warm up to camping!


  1. What a year difference it makes with a mobile "young man" and one with definite ideas of what 'amenities' he should have at his fingertips !!! Did Jack 'hit the hay' on the drive home at 3 a.m. ???? ......YES I AM LAUGHING !! Gran Nan

  2. Actually, no, Jack did not fall asleep on the ride home. He screamed the whole time. It was a great fun!