Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Jack is 18 Months

I'm finally 18 months old, and I'm as crazy as ever! I have opinions about everything, and I am not afraid to share them. I really love to talk, and I can say almost any word; whether or not you can actually understand me is another thing. I think my favorite words are no, mine, wah-wah (water), car, ball, mama, dada, cuh (duck), gabba-gah (Yo Gabba Gabba), and hot-hot (you know, the temperature, because it's hotter than hot where I live!). I just started putting two words together, but that's pretty tough to do. I can say "all done", "all gone" and "hi cat, dog, mama, dada, etc." Mama and Dada really appreciate that I can tell them what I want most of the time; it makes life easier on all of us.

Since the last time I updated you, I've had a lot of adventures. I've been swimming several times at the Tiffany Springs Aquatic Center during the Splash n Play time which I love everything about, except for the actual splashing part. I LOVE swimming and the water, but keep me away from the crazy splashing and sprinklers! Mommy and Daddy hosted their annual Camp Bacon Spring Pork Spectacular, which has already been written about. I've been camping out at Watkins Mill and visited Grammy in Emporia. I have just finished up participating in the Summer Reading Program for the Mid-Continent Public Library which entails listening to 24 books to earn a free book, which you can do up to three times. I absolutely love to look at books and listen to books. Mommy is always taking me to the library because I get bored reading the same books over and over and over again. We celebrated Mommy's birthday and the Fourth of July, and during that mini break, Daddy started putting up crown molding on the main floor (a project he has been wanting to do for several years). I've been to a Royals game (in a suite no less!), the KC Gay Pride Parade, rode a miniature train at the Kansas City Northern Railroad, and had a major meltdown/tantrum in The Great Mall because Mommy and Daddy wouldn't let me ride all 200 coin-operated racecars/tigers/rocketships in the place.

Most recently we took a trip with Mommy's friends to the Big Cedar Lodge in Ridgedale, Missouri (near Branson). They got a deal for listening to a timeshare spiel- and man what a deal it was! We stayed in a 2-bed, 2-bath condo with a private balcony and HUGE kitchen for 2 nights. The lodge where we stayed even had it's own private pool. It was very relaxing (even when I woke up in the middle of the night and demanded to sleep in Mommy and Daddy's bed, in turn keeping them from sleeping).

Just because I seem to get every illness in the book, I will tell you about the illnesses from the past 3 months. I got an ear infection that was so bad, my ear bled for a couple of days. I got hand, foot and mouth two more times! And I think I had roseola, but it came and went so fast we aren't 100% sure (someone else had it in daycare, and since I get every disease that goes around daycare, I am guessing that was it). Right now I happen to be getting over another virus that is causing me to have a very sore throat (but not Strep), as well as popping 3 molars all at once. I've been a very happy baby lately!

I did go to the doctor and here are my stats:

Height- 33 inches (68%)

Weight- I think about 26 pounds (50%), but I had lost a little because I've been sick and not really eating, so I am going back in 2 weeks to recheck, I'll keep you updated

Head Circumference- 19.5 inches (90%- it just keeps getting bigger!)

He said that I am a genius because I have very advanced communication skills! I guess most kids know 10 words or something, and I know a million! It's probably that 90% head circumference- it's for my giant brain.

Coming up soon my parents have a big trip to San Francisco. Grammy Anderson and Nana Long have very graciously agreed to take care of me while they are gone for a whole week! I think I will be on my best behavior and sleep in everyday and not have a single tantrum or meltdown. I will always do what they tell me, and eat everything they put in front of me and never tell them no. This is going to be tough!

Talk to you soon! To see more 18 month pictures go here, and to see more Big Cedar pictures, go here.


  1. Seriously, can a kid be any cuter?!

  2. Happy 18 Monther, Dude! I am excited to see you again. Maybe you'll tell me some of your words!

    Cousin Kate

  3. Pss Jack, I'll let you in on a secret. Grandma's hardly every say no. ;-)