Saturday, July 7, 2012

Time Flies

One year ago, Fourth of July 2011:

This year, Fourth of July 2012:

Our little man is growing up so fast, and outgrowing his baby pool!


  1. "Baby Jack" is no longer -- he's quite the young man now !!!!!!!!
    I love his 'swim' bermuda shorts !!

  2. Look out Michael Phelps!

  3. OMG - he is so cute (and such a perfect combo of both of you)! and getting is Lily. Anyway, where did you get that pool? I think it would be useful to have something like that for when we are in TX for Lily to chill in when we go at the end of July.

  4. Brian's mom got us that pool last year. I think it was a Walmart find. I think Stephen and Becky have a similar pool for AJ- you can probably ask where they got theirs too.