Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Maine Trip July 2015

This blog as been dead for about 2.5 years. It's going to remain dead because I don't have the time to keep up with it regularly. However, we did take a trip to Maine this summer, and the notes I took of the trip have been occupying space in my email drafts folder ever since. I need to put them here so I don't forget all of the details- where we stayed, where we ate, etc. These are the notes I took, so this is what gets put up on the blog (I actually had time to take notes while I was on vacation!). From now on, I'm going to start jotting down details of our trips and putting them here, because it's the little things I want to remember that I know I will forget. 

Thursday 7/16
We flew into Boston on Southwest. We picked up our rental and drove an hour North, during rush hour, to Cape Ann to pick up some wine. From there we drove to Rockport, MA to stay at Captains Bounty on the Beach for one night. The room was quaint, but clean and comfortable. There was a small private porch right on the beach and water. We walked down Main Street to eat at Roy Moore's Fish Shack.Great food. Casual atmosphere. We had lobster salad, baked scallops, fried fish for Jack and crab cakes for apps. We drank a Boston Lager and Allagash White (local Portland beer). We walked back up to the motel to watch the tide roll in. Awesome view. Relaxing. 

Friday 5/17
We woke up, had coffee, and packed up a little bit. We walked down to the Red Skiff, which was our first choice for breakfast, but it was packed so we walked back towards Main Street and stopped at our second choice for breakfast, the Blue Lobster Grille. I'm glad the other place was packed. This place was empty and had a great view of the harbor and Motif #1 (the "most often-painted" building in America). I had a veggie omelet, Brian had Eggs Benedict over crab cakes- delicious. Jack had a pancake the size of his head. After breakfast we walked up and down Main Street window shopping. I ended up buying a souvenir Christmas ornament (a crab that's really a baby toy but will make a fun ornament- I have to do that on all vacations). We walked back to the hotel and to the beach. It was Jack's first time in the ocean and he kinda hated it. It was full of seaweed and he wanted nothing to do with it. He didn't even really like the soft sand because it got his feet dirty. We found some shells and sea glass and enjoyed walking in the water. We went back up to the room and cleaned up and relaxed for a few more minutes on the balcony and then headed out towards the Portland Lighthouse. Lots of traffic. Lots of slowdowns for no reason. The lighthouse was neat. Jack HAD to look through one of those pay binoculars. After the lighthouse we drove into Portland to find lunch. I had read the Eventide Oyster Co. was a great new spot, but it was packed with cool people (the menu reminded me of Gram and Dunn, but seafood, obviously), so we went to my second choice for lunch- Portland Lobster Co. Right on the water. You order food at the counter then seat yourself. They have lots of outdoor seating, but the outer deck was full, so we sat at a table inside near the counter. It worked out well. We had a lobster roll and fisherman's fried food platter and a pitcher of Shipyard Export Ale. All excellent. From Portland we drove to Freemont to see the original LL Bean store. It was huge and reminded me of Cabela's (but with fancier/more expensive products). That town also had the fanciest McDonald's I have ever seen. From there we drove to the Sheepscot Harbor Village and Resort where we would be staying for two nights. They screwed up our original rental, so they put us in a 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath "house". It was really nice. We were sharing it with my parents, brother and SIL. It is right on the water and Brian and I got the best view with our king bedroom. Very cozy. We relaxed for a bit then when to eat at Sarah's Cafe in Wicasset. Ok food. Brian had the seafood stew and a side salad, I had the Crab Cobb salad and Jack had the cheese bomb, I mean Cheese Matey (like a calzone). After dinner we were invited to a bonfire that was being held in honor of my cousin's wedding (the whole reason we traveled to Maine). We went to the bonfire, but the people at the bonfire were with another wedding party at the resort, so we walked down the long pier and went back to the house to relax before bed.

Saturday 7/18
We woke up and went to breakfast with everyone at the resort (free continental). After breakfast we went back to the house and got into our wedding attire and headed into Boothbay Harbor for lunch. The weather wasn't so great because it was rainy and in the 60s, and I wasn't exactly dressed for that kind of weather (sleeveless long dress). We started out with lunch at Waves- we wanted chowder but they were out, so I got the steamed mussels and Brian got the lobster roll. Food was good. After lunch we walked up and down the shop-lined streets. I ended up buying a scarf to combat the cold. It was time for the wedding, so we went to the church. It had a beautiful view. I thought a Catholic wedding would be too long for a 4 year old to sit through, but it went by pretty fast, and Jack got to watch the tablet for a little bit of it. After the wedding, we went back to the house for a few minutes before heading to the wedding reception at Marianmade Farms (a lavender and flower farm). It was a beautiful venue with a great view, great food, drinks and dancing. We had a great time (maybe a bit TOO good of a time). After the wedding we drove home and went to bed.

Sunday 7/19
We woke up and started packing up so we could head into Boston and start seeing the sights. It's a 3-hour drive so we wanted to leave a little early to have enough time to see what we wanted to see. We got into Boston and headed to the first stop on "Courtney's" quick walking tour of Boston- Papagayo- for a snack and a drink. We had lobster guacamole, a margarita and a sangria. It was good. Then we headed to the "sites"- Old Granary Burying ground, Kings Chapel and cemetery, the Old State House, Faneuil Hall, The Bell in Hand Tavern, Paul Revere's house, then the stop for our Duck Tour. We got a drink at The Reef while waiting for the Duck Tour to start. The Duck Tour was worth the money- it was a fun way to see some of the sights of Boston, plus you get to go in the water. I would recommend it. After the Duck Tour we needed some food, so we stopped in probably the last place you would want to eat at if you've never been to Boston- some hole in the wall bar- but the boneless wings hit the spot, and it was cheap and close. Then we went back to the hotel to relax and watch cable TV before we had to get up and leave for home the next day.

Our next big trip is our Disney World RV road trip the last week of February/first week of March. I cannot wait!! Ten days in Florida and 2 days of driving on either side! Look for a blog post in 6 months (hopefully).

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