Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Walt Disney World Trip 2016- Day 1 and Day 2- Driving!

I have written 5 separate blog posts about our 2016 Walt Disney World trip. Please excuse any typos or editing mistakes as this is really just a diary for me so that 10 years from now I can actually remember what we did. If you just want to look at pictures, go here: WDW 2016 Trip Pics

Day 1 of our 2016 Walt Disney World Trip was Saturday, February 20th and we were headed for the halfway point- Manchester, TN KOA

This was our first day of driving out of two days. We had planned to leave the house at 6 A.M. and were actually in the car and ready to go when we went to put on a movie for Jack on his tablet, and encountered a bug in the software that didn't allow Jack's movies to play. Darn technology! This caused an overall 45 minute delay because we couldn't get the tablet to work so we ended up stopping at Walmart to buy a portable DVD player. There's not much excitement to driving, but we made it to the KOA at 6:45 P.M. 12 hours after we officially started. It was dark when we pulled in and we knew we were leaving by 5 A.M. the next day, so we didn't even unhitch or hook up the water. It was just a place to sleep on a level pad. 

Day 2 was Sunday, February 21st and we were driving from Manchester, TN KOA to Disney's Fort Wilderness Resort

We left the KOA at 4:45 A.M. We knew that the predicted 11 hour drive was going to take at least 12 hours, so we got up at 4 A.M. to leave by 5 A.M. Our first stop was to meet Jack's cousin Sylvie in Atlanta. Too bad we couldn't visit longer, but at least we got to see Sylvie! From there we just kept driving. At one point after the very last stop, there was a confusing on-ramp to the highway and we ended up going the wrong way and extending our 1.5 hour final drive by 30 minutes. It doesn't sound like much, but after driving for 22.5 hours, another 1/2 hour was agonizing! Especially since we knew we would be getting to our site right at sunset! 

So we finally arrive at Disney World, and Google maps took us on back roads right to the campsite (back roads are not ideal when driving a camper). But we made it! 

We checked in and were given campsite 806. I had done 500 days of planning and research for this trip and I knew site 806 wasn't my FAVORITE site, so we tried to request another site. I had read that they are fine with switching sites, so I didn't think it would be a big deal, but our check-in CM (Cast Member- what they call all Disney employees) seemed horribly annoyed and huffed and puffed and said our site was great but she could look. She got out the book and rambled out a few sites but kept repeating that our site was fine and whatever app I was using was wrong (it was wrong in the end), so we finally just said fine, we'll take 806. And then all of a sudden she was nice and said it was totally no problem if we wanted to switch sites and they could help us with whatever we needed, etc. We still had to get the golf cart so I went to the Outpost (check-in building) to get it while Brian drove to the campsite. This is where I encountered my second annoyed CM. The golf cart rental store was closed so he seemed quite bothered that I needed a golf cart and made me wait forever to give me the cart even though no one else was around and he just gave me the keys and said there you go without any instruction. It wasn't the best introduction to Disney, but I guess I was expecting perfection. I drove to the site and Brian had just backed in with help from our overly-friendly, very drunk, neighbor. He happened to also have a Solair pulled by a silver Toyota Tundra and was just crazy excited about it and wouldn't leave us alone even though we kept trying to say we just wanted to get set up before it was dark, which was happening fast. He finally left (and ended up leaving for good the next day), and we got hooked up and were so excited we had to take the golf cart out for a drive and check the place out, and actually drove down to the lake/dock to watch the Magic Kingdom fireworks which you can see every night from the beach. We came back to the camper to relax, shower, and get to bed. We had a theme park to get to the next day!

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