Thursday, May 26, 2016

Walt Disney World Trip 2016- Day 7- EPCOT!

Day 7 was Friday, March 4th and we visited EPCOT

This was another planned late day. I liked having late days because we got to sleep in. However, it really is best to get to the parks at opening. Next time we go, I'll probably plan more early days. It's a lot easier to get on rides without fast passes, and then you can come home and relax. Anyways, we got up, relaxed, ate breakfast, drove the golf cart around, and then headed to Epcot for lunch at Sommerfest. Epcot was the least busiest park, so that was nice. There was actually room to walk around.

We walked back through the World Showcase to Sommerfest. It was pretty busy, but the line moved fast. We got a brat and frankfurter with sauerkraut and paprika potato chips. Brian got a German beer and I got a German wine. It was pretty good.We snagged a good table outside. 

After lunch we headed to our first ride- Mission: SPACE Green. No fast pass needed for the less intense "Green" version of the ride (the orange version spins). It was pretty fun; we ended up riding it twice. 

Next up was Spaceship Earth- it was inside the giant iconic EPCOT ball, so that was pretty cool, buy the ride was boring and dated, so I'm glad we didn't have to wait in line for it. 

After that we rode Living With the Land. It was an indoor, slow-moving boat ride. I enjoyed it because you got to see several greenhouse gardens with plants that Disney uses in some of their restaurants. Next was The Seas With Nemo. We had a fast pass for it, but it wasn't needed. Like I said, the park was pretty empty compared to the other parks we'd been in. It was an ok ride. They used a lot of TVs to show the Nemo cartoon and it just wasn't as good as rides at the Magic Kingdom. Next we went over to Journey Into Imagination with Figment- another slow-moving indoor ride incorporating a lot of TVs and a few animatronics. After that we had our last fast pass and last ride of the day- Test Track. It was by far the best ride of the day. You build a prototype car and then you get to drive your car through a test track- it was basically an indoor/outdoor roller coaster with a NASCAR type race track at the end. It was really fun and the only ride that had a significant wait, which is why we didn't do it a second time.

After the last ride we had a couple hours to kill before our 7:15 PM dinner reservations at La Hacienda de San Angel, so we grabbed a spot on the water in Mexico and drank two margaritas and shared chips and guac.

Without a kid I think EPCOT would be more fun because there is really a lot to explore in the World Showcase, but that kind of stuff is torture with a 5 year old. We realized there was another indoor boat ride in Mexico called the Gran Fiesta Tour, so we rode that and shopped around to kill another 30 minutes.

We finally went over to the restaurant to check in and asked for a window seat. They were all filled up so the host found us a table one seat away from the window. We had to wait a few extra minutes, but it was worth it. For dinner we had the shrimp and guac appetizer, and then I had the roasted snapper and Brian had the carnitas. All excellent. We finished eating a little before the fireworks show started, so we contemplated leaving, but we didn't and it was worth it. We had a front row seat to Illuminations, which is EPCOT's nightly show incorporating fireworks, lights, lasers and music. It was really good. Afterwards, it was mass exodus from the park, but since the park wasn't too busy and we weren't parked too far away, we made it to the car in good time. When we got back to the camper, Brian and Jack played the Wii and I colored and ended up going to bed pretty early for vacation standards.

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